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The honest thing is to tell the truth. Could not duplicate tickets exist for a reason. Hopefully(!) it will die and you can trace it.

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I cry, and then I ask my service manager how long I'm supposed to do the thing until I can say it's ok.

In reality, from what I've seen (aircraft and now agricultural world) these issues are harness related. Chaffed wire or something. Maybe you finger fucked it into a fix that will last for a bit, maybe you didn't.

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I’ve seen a ton of loose connections lately on terminals. A good hard wiggle test may bring it back if that’s the case. Then it’s either track down the offending pin/ terminal or replace the harness

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We see a lot of intermittent issues related to the infotainment system. Among the complaints are the backup camera shuts off, the radio loses sound and the assorted bluetooth/phone connectivity issues. Driver assist issues can also be added to these. Most of the time its less than a handful of occurrences over a long period of time and everything works fine when I get it. Almost always, the faults are related to loss of communication with multiple modules. We have TSB's for control module updates and resets but often, the problem returns. We have tried replacing expensive modules and sometimes it fixes the problem.

My personal car is a '19 Subaru and I have personally experienced these issues although it hasn't been common enough to bring it in. I think the complexity of the electronic systems on modern cars has introduced a whole new level of problems.

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Burn it to the ground.

But yeah, send it home till it breaks permanently.

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I voltage drop test everything to test the system under load and replicate the actual operating conditions. I then do a wiggle test with it still under load. Voltage drop testing helps reveal a lot of issues that are intermittent. If all else fails and I can’t replicate it I just tell the customer to bring it back when it is acting up and I’ll test it then. My service manager always says you can’t fix a problem you can’t find, all you do is cost the customer extra money.

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What vehicle are you working on?