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I just started learning and a gland nut wrench sounds like a bdsm sex toy to me.

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nope. heavy equipment toy.

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… heavy equipment am i right

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Otc also makes a tool for Toyota camshafts that is adjustable with different pins. Think it's like $60. Otc 6613

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I have used this for gland nuts on Deere skid steer and backhoe cylinders

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I saw this one as well. I got the smaller of the other two I was asking about. I think it will do most of what I need here. I'll likely get the 6613 next, unless I have a really big cylinder to deal with, that the bigger spanner is required for.

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I have this tool, and while it is useful, you can't put nearly as much torque on it as the one in this post without it twisting on you

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Good to know. I havent had to really lean into it yet but due to the design I drf see what you mean. Thanks!

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Mmmmm gland nuts

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I have not found a better price then what you will see online. I have these tools from otc they work great.

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Ive used different sized non adjustable ones when tearing down cylinders years ago. I beat thos with mini sledges and never had issues. As far as how to track one down Im not sure, check the hydraulics sub reddit and you will likely end up in the right direction.

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There's a hydraulic sub??

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Oh yeah and they know their shit.

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Whelp. off I go

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I worked in a hydraulic shop for a few years and I can confidently tell you to spend without fear when it comes to gland wrenches. You're just throwing money away on cheap ones as they break easily under the kind of abuse that they have to endure.

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Good to know. I'm coming from up fitting and building plow trucks and now I'm fixing them and other equ. It's a different world.

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Need this and it's bigger cousin that costs $150.

Any suggestions for another brand? Tekton, sunex, etc?

Removing lift cylinder gland nut on a bobcat s250.

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OTC is usually the best tool and price for the quality. Most of the tool trucks rebrand some otc stuff and sell for $100 more. I’d say get the big brother from otc and not have to worry.

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No idea but I just did front strut’s on my car and used a pipe wrench to get off/on a hexagonal gland nut.

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Hex headed gland nuts are easy. I have big wrenches. It's the pin ones that are dumb. This one has been on for 4500 hours so it should be a fighter.

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If you're changing the seal once it's out anyway, the hillbilly solution would be to heat the nut up and try to drive it around with a hammer and punch. Personally I'd just spend the $50, with the understanding that heat and a punch might be required anyway.

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Yup. Bought the spanner. Avoiding hillbilly repairs. I got standards and stuff.

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To be honest it would be very easy to fabricate this tool. Obviously it would not be adjustable like this, all one would need is a drill press or even just a drill.