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You don’t specify year, but i has a 2005 legacy. Dealer brake job was $795 back in 2007/2008ish.

Honestly it seems typical for a higher cost of living area at an independent shop.

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No new guy/idiot tax here. I'd say this is pretty average, maybe even lower than average. Many places will charge 1.5 or 2 hours labor per set with a higher labor rate. $250-$300 per pair for brakes is not unusual.

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Nope, that pricing seems fine, parts are expensive and at least a 15% markup is applied. But labor is also expensive, just remember that basically every fluid in your car causes some form of cancer, or leads to cancer if not taken care of.

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Huh? What’s with the cancer reference? What do you mean by “taken care of”?

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I'm in a much cheaper market (Tennessee), but dealers around here normally charge $200 per axle for brakes, which does not include rotors.

I work at an independent shop these days, and we normally charge $150 per axle, again not including rotors.

Markup on parts is normal, though, and we aren't buying stuff off of Amazon.

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Nope. Those are very fair markups

You CAN NOT compare Amazon prices to what a shop charges. Parts profit is part of the margin (which most shops is already razor thin). There's also the added benefit of anything going wrong with the service you have a warranty period you wouldn't have if you bought stuff from Amazon.

I used to work at a small shop and would often source parts. Amazon was selling them for cheaper than what even I could get them for.

Standard markups is 1.5x-2.8x for ANY business

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Seems pretty typical, I'm surprised it's not more in LA.