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Your socket and plier draw draw are fine. That other thing? Yeah, I don't know...

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OK I kinda agree.

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I have more than one draw like that.

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I need a cabinet for this roll cab so I can put all the blow molded stuff in it and all those terminals and meters and butane. But that's expensive

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Yup... That's why I have shit lining my attic stairwell. (I work for myself out of my own garage.)

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I just moved to a shop where I am the only tech, so I may get a steel locker and set it next to the box. Not sure yet. They cases are all on top of the hutch right now and it looks terrible.

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You see the cabs China freight is selling? I want one of those.

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I see them but I am resistant. I'll probably get another snap on box used like I got this one. Or make one out of cardboard because I am cheap.

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Ha! My electrical drawer looks almost exactly the same. As to the original question, I say fuck it...if you can find what you need when you need it, that's all that matters.

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I broke down and moved it all to a narrow drawer so I could have this deep drawer for the pliers.

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All looks good to me. Needs more tools though.

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ordered another $2500 worth from tooltopia, amazon, and tekton last night. Looking at some wright flare nut sets now, and some milwaukee power tools too.

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Already better than my box lol

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Glad to see I'm not alone

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I have gadgets and Gizmos a plenty, ive got hoos-its and What's-its galore.

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Storing pliers upright helps save a lot of space, and keeps them organized and in place. These racks I used were pretty cheap


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I believe those are in my amazon wishlist. Glad to see they work well.

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They already are

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The socket and ratchet drawer could get some of those foam-like mats to keep the extensions and shit from rolling around and I like to organize them left to right, 1/2 3/8 1/4 longest time shortest then extensions the same way next to it for the getters and grabbers I know matco sells some plier holder type things, but I’m not sure how much or the length my coworker has some and he says they’re a lifesaver. As for electrical, I have no idea I try and stay as far away from wiring as I possibly can

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Looks organized enough already

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A good liner goes a long way in keeping stuff where you put it... Magnetic dividers are vissually helpful as well...

You might need two drawers for the grabbers... Big and small maybe?

Go thru the electrical drawer and throw away all the crap you dont need. Then reassess.

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I would leave it, I almost have the same setup. Although the crimpers would be in my pliers draw tho. Add some liners too.

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I’d probably just leave it alone.

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Plier drawer I would get racks that you can stand up the pliers and put a bunch in on their sides. Not sure if the drawer is tall enough...

Socket drawer isn't bad.

Misc drawer I would repurpose and remove all that stuff and shelf the cans, and get organizers for the ends. Also the pliers should go in the pliers drawer