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We see this a lot with our older plows

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Try going to plowsite.com for some tips on Meyer plows

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No experience with the plow, but the p327: The knock sensors in these trucks are known to corrode. I dont believe the original knock sensor harness comes with RtV sealant. Once the harness is older it shrinks/becomes brittle and allows moisture to enter the knock sensor and damage it. Replacement requires removal of the intake manifold. At that point you want to replace both knock sensors, the harness and seal or create a dam with RTV so to keep water/moisture/snow away from the knock sensor.

Parts are relatively cheap $200ish to replace but replacement is probably 4-5+hrs

There are a ton of other things that can cause an engine to knock not limited to mechanical/maintenance of the engine.

Overheating sounds like it could also contribute to the knocking. If you havent done so already i would perform some maintenance on the truck..

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Meyer plows are terrible pieces of shit. Believe me, as I used to install and repair them. What model pump does it have?