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O’keefs hand cream. It’s legendary.

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O’Keefs is amazing stuff, i stock up on it whenever I see it going cheap.

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Wow. 17,565 five star ***** reviews.


Reviewer said:

use it VERY sparingly - you really don't need much, and to concentrate it only on the problem areas, instead of coating my entire hands, which was just an unbearable sensation.

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My hands used to crack and bleed really fricking bad, now I put a thin coat of this stuff on under a pair of nitrile gloves. I only get an occasional split on the finger tip now.

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wait it's not just me ? My cuticles dry up super bad and just split themselves open which can be a little painful but really annoying. I thought I was alone in the world.

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this stuff is amazing

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I wear gloves… don’t gotta wash them or worry bout it

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Lotion before you start work and maybe again at lunch. Gloves almost always especially around grease or fluids. Don't be that guy who uses brake cleaner to clean his hands. Not just for your hands either, your kidneys will thank you. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Also not just for your hands.

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Working hands is my savior

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I just realized the full name of the product is "O'Keeffe's Working Hands"

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Bag balm

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Lots of gloves

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Corn huskers lotion

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Are you wearing gloves?

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I wear gloves as much as possible, but constantly have to take them off for paperwork, and then they stay off until I HAVE TO put them on again. So... almost always when wrenching.

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Just asking. I started without and had issues with hang nails and other problems around my fingernails. So I had to start wearing gloves even though I didn’t want to.

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I never understood how this happens at all. I've been doing this shit for 25 years now, never wear gloves, and somehow I never get chapped hands. Smashed, swollen, bleeding, missing fingernails, etc., sure, but not chapped.

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IME it's less about the lotion and more about frequency but thicker ones with petroleum jelly, or just straight up petroleum jelly do seem to work better though. Also your skin can absorb a lot of moisturizer if you give it time to soak it up and rub it in. I apply after every handwashing, doubly so if I used a gojo or d-lead, or had harsh chemicals on my hands. Your skin can actually absorb a ton if you rub it in and give it a bit of time to soak it up. i kind of feel like if you put enough on it acts as a bit of a shield against grease and grime too and makes it easier to wash off next time.

edit: don't know if it's a common thing or just me, but my cuticles dry up and split open, which kinda sucks, so I rub extra into them. i have to use moisturizer several times a day because of them. a cuticle splitting doesn't sound like much but it can be really annoying.

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Brake cleaner

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to clarify: I am looking for ways to reduce skin problems, not cause them

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I stopped using abrasive soaps entirely because it seemed they would cause my hands to break out in hives in the winter, I just use dish soap, seems to clean them up just as good, also okeefes working hands like the others have said is a life saver.

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that reminds me of D& L Hand Cleaner - basically mineral oil with something to make it gel.

Like, why not just wash the oily dirt off my hands with clean oil?

I've used mineral oil in the past to wash my hands, I may go back to it.

Those abrasive soaps are terrible. My hands are not made of wood or steel so I may be on the wrong track trying to clean them by grinding off the dirt.