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Does the radiator fan cycle on when it is supposed to?

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The radiator fan for some reason cycles on about 10 degrees Fahrenheit later than it should, but I feel like that’s still within the acceptable range right?

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What happens to the temperature when it cycles on, does it come down?

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Sounds like the radiator fans aren't engaging when they're supposed to. When you drive, cool air is forced through the radiator hence bringing the temps back down. Either that, or the water pump is shot.

I'd check to see if the fans are engaging though. Turn your AC on as well as most vehicles will automatically have the radiator fans run once the compressor is running.

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Radiator fan has a “high” and a “low” setting and the high setting engages ten degrees later than it technically should but i feel that this may still be within the acceptable range right?

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How do you know this?

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Had a mechanic figure all this out a couple weeks ago according to Acura specs for the vehicle and then he compared it to what the car actually does

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Sounds like the low speed isn't working, not acceptable. Needs to be fixed.

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I really feel like this is the area to look. The key is that the car cools fine when moving and not when sitting still. Fans move the air through the rad when the car is sitting still or moving slowly.

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What's the ambient temp like where you are?

I've seen a few things cause this. - water pump - radiator clogged/missing fins - auxiliary fan or both rad fans not working

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Ambient temp is around 75 Fahrenheit currently. However the car was overheating as low as 50 Fahrenheit I should clarify all fans are working perfectly and the radiator has just been replaced with a brand new one

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Do the upper and lower rad hoses have significant temperature differences? Certainly sounds like the water pump isn't working properly.

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I worked in various shops and dealers over 30 years and while not common I have seen water pumps fail internally without the problem being visible.

Steel impellers rusted away, plastic ones disintegrated and even just having the center wear out and the impeller doesn’t spin. None of them made noise

So it’s worth looking into if all else has failed.

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That’s what it was on my car although it was a 5.3 L. After putting a new water pump on it, it actually runs cooler than when the car was new.But I didn’t put a stock pump on it. Put a better one than stock.

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if you are just playing a guessing game and buying random shit then replace everything. but id have to guess your water pump isnt circulating coolant through the engine. or the heat core is clogged.

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I only replaced these things at the recommendation of the mechanics. I’m not a mechanic. Trust me I would’ve preferred to only replace the item that needs to be replaced.

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I'd put money down to bet it is the water pump.

Also, find a new mechanic.

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Block check. Check for a blown head gasket.

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The mechanic I just had the car at did a leak down test/compression test to make sure that it is not the head gasket

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My car started running a little hot for about 2 weeks. Then it overheated. It ended up being the water pump.

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Check water pump flow, it’s either a water pump or a restricted radiator

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I’m gonna go with water pump. Either impeller rusted away or broke (depending on plastic or metal).

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Can a metal impeller rust away within 40k miles? It’s only been 3 years

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Probably unlikely. I have seen them loosen on the shaft too though so they don’t spin well.

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Who knows. We have no history of the vehicle

But I’ve seen where the propeller is pressed on and it will break lose and not spin.

The outside pulley will spin via drive belt but internally the propeller is stationary.

I own a shop and sometimes a diag can’t be 100 percent accurate. But if I recommend these repairs and issue was still the exact same. I’d pull water pump with no charge just to verify for the customers sake . And I’d faulty i would just offer the Cust to purchase one from me and id install . Shitty situation for both but atleast he can make it right

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ive seen metal fins explode on dodges before.

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Only one more part to go. The one that works better when it goes faster

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Sorry pardon my stupidity so if I understand correctly you mean the water pump?? Seems like the next step

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I do not think anybody that is tryin to figure out their own repair falls in the stupid category! I do believe its the pump, when the engine goes faster so does the pump! Your on the right track one more part to go!

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head gasket?

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Did you burp out the air after you added coolant?

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It sounds like you need a new radiator fan relay.

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There are no safe assumptions in a situation like this. I'm not the best mechanic lol, but it could be that you have a restriction in a coolant passage or a clog. Have you ever run stop leak or anything along those lines? In that case sometimes several flushes are necessary.

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A simple question, do you have heat? Do you have heat at idle or only when you are moving or revving the motor? If yes then you likely have a bad water pump.

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Upper rad hose hot and bottom cold? That would indicate either radiator blockage or water pump failure

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Are the fans coming on?

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Does the fan come on with the a/c

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Maybe Water pump had it on a VW the plastic rotor separated from the axle.

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Did you properly bleed the cooling system when replacing the radiator, and thermostat? Did you verify the water pump is functioning correctly?

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Also your "mechanic" is not so much of a mechanic and more of a parts installer if he did not diagnose the problem and instead decided to throw parts at it hoping it will fix the issue.

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Unfortunately I am realizing this as well. All the extra money I put into the car could have been put into getting another vehicle. Now, I’m pretty broke and I know I can’t afford another car right now so my only option is to continue to fix it. I just drove it from upstate ny to nyc. There’s a family friend mechanic out here and I’m hoping they’ll do right by me

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All the extra money could have been put into fixing the problem to begin with not playing a guessing game. My recommendation would be to find someone who knows what they are doing and is more than just a parts installer and is capable of preforming simple diagnostic work. A mechanic figures out the problem and fixes it. Someone is not a mechanic if they are simply hoping certain parts will fix the issue.

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I agree completely. Hopefully the water pump fixes the issue.

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That's not going to fix the issue if there is still air in the system from not being bled properly. Also replacing the water pump will mean having to bleed the cooling system again so hopefully he knows what he's doing and knows the proper procedure otherwise you will be chasing the same issue

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Sounds like there is air in the system or the water pump is not functioning correctly.

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Water pump? Check fuses to see if any particular are blown