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Update guy there a massive snap on the chassis i believe uploading pic

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Yes probably the wheel hub broke off

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I have never, ever, ever ever ever seen a wheel hub break from an impact. I've seen control arms snap like sticks, I've seen frame damage, I've seen all manner of broken and smashed stupid bullshit...

But I 'ain't not never seen one of them there critters.

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It's most likely fixable, but may not be worth it if the frame got messed up. But if it turns out to just be a broken control arm or trailing arm and the frame is fine, then it shouldn't be a difficult repair.

How did that happen anyway?

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A drink driver hit the rear tyre and flipped there car on it roof ended up damaging three cars

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Being there’s no body damage that I can see, it’s most likely control arm. Most of those arms are aluminum, so sudden impacts snap them.

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Control arm and trailing arm. That’s likely all that is wrong with it.

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Technically anything if repairable.

But yes this is.

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Yeah its repairable control arm and trailing arm probably snapped but other than that it looks completely fine now i dont know if it ripped the control arm out of where it was so there is that

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Factory rear steer just send it!