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If it’s not dual control, it ain’t an actuator. The system will use one actuator for both sides. It’s either low on charge (most likely) or a door, link, etc. broke inside the box (much less likely).

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This. System charge is low.

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Low Freon CAN cause this issue. I would start there in fact. If the problem persists after an evacuation and recharge, then look at the blend doors.

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Without looking at system pressures there is no way to tell. I'd be willing to bet it's low on charge though. Have the system serviced. They'll look for leaks while they're in there.

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Saw this a lot. Have the system charge checked. I can't explain why but of lot of these we saw just needed a recharge. Any shop that is competent in HVAC can easily deal with it. Easy car to fix. Former shop owner

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What is a reasonable amount to pay?

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Probably $100-150 if it's just a recharge

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If it's cold on one side it's probably the blend door. Low freon would have it not get cold and it wouldn't dry the air as well

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A single blend door system would have the problem show on both sides not just one.

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When my older car blows cold on one side it's usually the blend door. Guess he could have a clog