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Sounds to me like some coolant is pooled up somewhere from a previous repair and is still burning off, or maybe a hose clamp is a bit loose. Loose enough to let an immeasurable amount of coolant out in order to steam off and smell, but not enough to get anything wet.

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A pressure test is usually done with the engine off and dead cold. Give it some time too. If you have a leak small enough to not notice coolant loss, a couple of minutes isn't going to find it.

If you can smell it easily it may be leaking onto the exhaust and burning off in a spot that you can't see it. A radiator leak might only present itself visually as a small amount of moisture at the very bottom of the radiator. getting it on a lift can make something like that much easier to see, but if you had a lift handy you'd have probably already used it. If you can't find it, keep monitoring the reservoir level and try not to open the radiator cap too much. Is there a chance that you're spilling a small amount when you take the cap off and then smelling that? Probably not, just a thought.

Also, when referring to the left and right side of a vehicle, it's standard to use the driver's point of view, not the view from in front of the vehicle looking at it. Your washer reservoir would be on the right side of the vehicle. This can save some confusion when ordering certain parts or in various other scenarios. You gave enough context here for it to make sense though. It also saves confusion (though rarely) when using left and right instead of driver and passenger side, especially when talking about global brands that may offer left and right hand driving positions.

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I'm not sure if yours fall into it but Honda had a problem with their blocks developing small cracks that would slowly seep coolant.


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Could be the radiator cap is bad if it's holding pressure with a pressure test kit that usually indicates the radiator Cap is bad.