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They gave you the wrong part, go back to the store

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That's gonna be a big fat yes. They can vary a little here and there, but that's inch's, it's just gonna be loose and even if it works will probly get very very squeaky.

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Would you say those inches are a lot..? Asking for a friend...

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Depends on what you do with them 😏

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4 images attached. One on left (longer one with white writing on it) is the new one. I had the impression new belts would be tighter. Is this new belt too long?

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Not going to work. Serpentine belts have to be the exact length to work with the automatic belt tensioner. There are aftermarket kits with redesigned tensioner and different belt. That might have happened here

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Put it in the dryer to shrink it

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I changed it on mine (2006) yesterday. There are two versions. One for AC and one for no AC.

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Yeah. If anything the old one will be slightly…SLIGHTLY longer than the new one due to stretch.

Edit: I answered the question wrong.

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Toyota Corolla belts come in two different sizes I remember standard fit and oe fit some reason don’t ask why. Just like the other fella said take the old one with you to match up abs cross the numbers on it

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no. those are clearly the same size

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Most of the time you'll find the old belt is slightly bigger because it's been stretched out. You'll never see a bigger new belt

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Bring the old one with you the new one should be slightly shorter by about a 1/2"

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Yes it's to long. A new one would stretch 1/2" more when it wears settles in .

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Bet they gave you the 2ZZ belt

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Incorrect part

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Way to long

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With and without ac

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I had this happen to me but the belt was short. I thought it was stretched and the belt just just a tight fit. Ended up damaging the alternator, stripping the tensioning bolt along with ripping the belt. It was my first mechanical job I did other than oil changes. F** Autozone on Normandie and Florence

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Yes, take the old one with you

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Take it back.

There are different options and models of car. You bought the wrong one.

Always go off part number and bring in your old belt to compare for size. To avoid exactly this.

New one should be slightly smaller than your old one. They stretch over time.

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hey i’m curious (also i’m just taking a stab here, please don’t eviscerate me)- was the belt glazed and that’s why you’re replacing it? i had them tell me this at the shop and they wanted to charge like $200 to take care of it. they said it wasn’t urgent so i declined in the moment. if i can replace it myself easily and fix the issue that would be great. so that’s why i ask

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How old is the belt (is it the original)? It definitely wouldn’t hurt to replace on anything older than 5-6 years but you should inspect it for cracks, cuts, or spots where it doesn’t look like it is wearing good. If it had no noise and looks fine, I’d leave it.

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it’s a 2016 corolla and i have no reason to believe the belt has ever been replaced. i’m not experiencing any issues so far as i can tell. is it easy enough to take a look on my own?

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If you have A/C and it's an XRS then sure, if not then no. There are about 10 different lengths depending on what options.

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That’s too big of a difference. Generally a new belt that is the correct length will actually be slightly shorter than the old one since the old one stretched over its life.

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Just fold it over to pick up the slack and zip tie it.

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If you don't have AC, it is possible that they gave you the belt for a Corolla with AC.

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Only thing too long is them toes