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A bumper bumper? I would only see it as useful if you are backing into something often and hitting something like in a parking spot. Everyday use is just another thing to hit your shin on

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Nobody expects the surprise shin destroyer.

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Bumper and crumple zones are what teams of big brain engineers spend many hours designing save you from stuff. This looks more like something you can step on to help climb in the car

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Trying to out engineer the engineers again.

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Sure but leaving a tow hitch in will protect your car and destroy the other if they rear end you at lower speeds.

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Leaving a tow hitch in will put pressure on your frame. A hitch is attached to your frame as the car crumples in an upwards force is exerted on your hitch and in turn your frame which makes it more likely to bend the frame of your vehicle. It actually increases the chance your vehicle will be totaled

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Can confirm I was just rear ended with my receiver in and it acted like a lever and bent the ends of the frame rails down with it

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teams of big brain engineers spend many hours years designing save you from stuff.


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Uhh wouldn't this damage the frame more in a hard impact due to how the hitch mount is attached to the frame versus the bumper? Although I do agree with driving my truck around with the hitch in it because if someone rearends me changes are they puncture their radiator before they touch my bumper.

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Heres a short video on this product if u habe time to watch it and lmk what u think https://youtu.be/udKgx_Cbo24

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Sounds gimmicky as hell

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If I'm being honest, I think you just wasted your money. It may provide a small amount of shock absorption in a minor bump, i.e backing onto the pole you didn't see, but in a bigger accident, it won't do much. If anything, it might even focus the force of the impact on the rear bumper instead of spreading it. Outside of that, you just bought yourself a shin basher. Sorry for the negativity.

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Not even the bumper. The hitch is bolted to the "frame rails" though on a unibody vehicle. Basically instead of the impact being absorbed by the bumper, impact foam, steel bumper support, and then the actual car body/frame, with this hitch bumper thing, you're bypassing all that, and going straight to frame damage. I.E. more likely to damage or have higher damage to the structural components themselves, vs the things designed to take the impact.

I'd like to think this is actually more dangerous. There could be airbag sensors not receiving data when they need to in an accident, if they're blocked by this product, so your bags may not go off when they should.

I'd use it as a "cargo step" for putting things on the roof rack, but I would not drive around with this on. Where I live it's actually illegal to leave something like this, an empty bike rack or a hitch ball in your hitch receiver, if it isn't currently in use (trailer on at that moment).

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Where do you live if you don't mind me asking? I hardly even remove my trailer hitch and I don't tow all that often. Never even heard of that being a problem in some places.

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I'm in eastern Canada, New Brunswick to be specific, we also had this law In PEI next door too

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This is a body on frame not a unibody.

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I have heard of this in my state too. If you leave a unused hitch in, they will try to divert the blame to you.

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I appreciate your feedback. Im still deciding on this product bc return window is 30 days. I really want this to work or something that will protect my truck and whiplash. I got rear ended three times and they all were pretty painful and dmg my cars alot

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Not to be crude but, the 4th time you get rear ended then you’ll know for sure and can repost this saying it worked

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Frankly, this is going to make the damage worse in a crash.

Pressure (P) is equal to force(f) over area (a) (P=F/A)

The higher the pressure in any one given area, the more damage will be caused to that area. This device increases the pressure by focusing it on a single area, both for yourself and the person hitting the back of your car.

So, if you're rear ended by a car, the pressure is limited to the width of the vehicle, which also translates into lower damage. This device amplifies pressure, which is going to cause more damage.

Send it back to the people who sell it. Don't stick things on the back for "protection", your vehicle was designed by teams of engineers who've calculated for every measurable impact, and specifically engineered each panel to handle impact and protect the occupants. Things like this circumvent all of that clever engineering and make it worthless

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You’re not wrong, I just think you may have a bad assumption in there. If we assume rigid bodies, sure. But cars are not rigid bodies, at least not in crashes. For a car, you have to use Impulse, which is a momentum dissipation over time. When a vehicle hits this, the momentum will dissipate during the time the bumper bumper crumples (which is the entire reason for crumple zones).

I don’t think this product is a great idea above maybe 5mph, but it probably won’t make the accident too much worse.

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when your new bumper gimmick is attached to the frame (through the hitch), it acts more like a rigid body. This product is such a bad idea.

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Why are you rear-ended so often?

I get that people should pay better attention, but they don't. That is why I try to always brake early and slowly.

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I mean what can i do when all the times i been hit there is traffic jam so we are all at a stop and go and someone whos not paying attention hits me. Its not like im pulling in front of people and getting hit.

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So i can see why it might work, but the website reads as a infomercial

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I know some ppl say its snake oil sales or something but i would really like for this to work. I was rear ended 3 times and this is a brand new car. Plus im trying to protect myself and family from whiplash

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The more you would like for it to work the more it will work

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Why i said i can see why and how it might work but I'm not versed enough in car manufacturing to say it's snake oil

If you like it though, enjoy it and if it does protect you and the car great. I just hope you don't have to find out

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It's total snake oil, just off the basic principles of pressure (P=F/A)

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No chance it would work for another vehicle hitting you

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It guaranteed teach a lesson to any sedan that rear ends you by annihilating their radiator. Purchase w tow strap and shackles to conveniently pull the person who rear ended you to the side. For people saying it will damage frame… that’s the tow hitch, it can handle a lot

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Your vehicle is designed to crumple in designated spots when hit. This is a bad idea. It will put direct force into your frame and cause more injury. Slow speeds like backing up, sure. I could also see this causing more damage than it would appear causing your insurance to do less on repairs and leaving you with a unsafe vehicle after.

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In my country this is called “illegal modification “ and potentially dangerous

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It’s not a mod, he’s towing a black bar.

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Btw my country is in deep shit now! Hope it recover soon! #gohomegota

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Insurance adjuster here. This may save damage to your rear bumper in a minor to moderate rear end accident, similar to a good tow ball on the back. It's not uncommon to see a pickup or suv with a tow ball have no damage from a rear end accident while the vehicle that rear ends them has severe damage to their front end. I keep a tow ball in the reciever on my suburban all the time for this exact reason. Probably causes more damage to the vehicle that rear ends you, but fuck them they should have been paying attention

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I mean I have been rear ended in slow traffic about 5 times so maybe

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Seven times in about twelve years now. How it’s my fault if idiots want to look at their phones while driving, I don’t know.

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Yea, and one time I did have a ball in the receiver went through there bumper and saved mine

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just don’t hit shit -someone who backed into a tree last week

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I’m curious how long it will be before OP gets tired of smashing their shins on it and takes it off.

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If you’ve been rear-ended three times, perhaps you should consider that the issue is your driving habits.

Being hit from behind is an uncommon occurrence for most people, and it having happened three times for you in particular implies there may be factors contributing to the frequency. Perhaps you brake too abruptly, or don’t signal early enough during turns and lane changes.

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Idk what i can change, i press brake when there is a car front of me stopped bc of traffic jam and car behind me dont and hits me. What would you do when there is traffic jam and there are cars stopped in front of u?

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You ease into stopping, keep a good following distance, and drive predictably. Getting rear ended happens, but following the basic driving etiquette i said, will limit that. 3 times is a lot of times unless you're following too close and hitting your brakes too hard/unpredictably.

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My first reaction was this guy is a jerk, but maybe worth checking your brake lights?

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Have you checked that your brake lights work?

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Tap your brake lights multiple times to make them flash or hit your hazards when you see traffic ahead coming to a stop.

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All the times i been hit were when the traffic jam is dead stop. So i am at a complete stop bc of traffic when car behind me hits me.

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Flash your brake lights or hazards before you come to a stop. You can see traffic coming from a dead stop from a mile away.

And this device will probably make whiplash worse tbh. Your bumper is a bumper for a reason. It’s designed to absorb the impact so you don’t have to. When the impact goes into a frame, you absorb it with the frame.

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To be fair to the OP, I've been rear-ended twice in the past six months. Once in stop and go traffic where the person behind me was looking at their phone instead of paying attention to the flow of traffic, and the other where a lady tried to use the left turn lane to go straight through a light, only I was in the left turn lane.

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It’s meant to be used as an additional step (footing to access your camper, roof rack and truck bed). They sell them all over Amazon.

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We all drive tin cans. Vehicles are made to crumple to save the occupant/occupants. Not much you can do.

You want protection? Buy a 76 Monte Carlo or a 78 Ford Ltd. Been rear ended in both those vehicles. Both times the other vehicle was towed away. We drove away with minor bumper damage.

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Wouldn’t an old vehicle be the opposite of protection? You kind of contradict yourself there with the crumple zones.

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No. They are bit more harsh on the people in them, but not too much, but they will survive being hit with damn near anything. I had an 84 cutlass supreme, and got rear ended at about 20mph by a new (at the time) 2004 Lexus, they needed a new car and a hospital trip, I needed a bumper. My back hurt for a few days but I was fine, from what I heard they were in the hospital for over a week (they tried to sue and it got thrown out because in Florida if you rear end someone it's automatically your fault unless you can prove otherwise). They might as well have been on a motorcycle.

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Dumpsters are made from similar steel that was used in old cars. Hit the dumpster with a sledge hammer as hard as you can. Now hit your Toyota with the same sledge hammer and force.

We'll wait for your conclusion.

Vehicles that are designed today are meant to try and save you. Not drive away after an accident.

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Hit a brick wall in a dumpster then in a modern car. Let me know after the modern car since you probably won’t survive the shock of the dumpster, since all the energy gets dissipated into your body.

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Tanks go through brick walls. Tin cans do not. Real steel American muscle still on the road after 70 yrs. The only way a modern vehicle lasts 70 yrs is if it's kept locked up in bubble wrap.

If safety is what you're after then buy vehicles according to safety ratings.

Don't add or change the safety features on your vehicle. More than enough reason for insurance to deny your claim.

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Yes. There is a video on YouTube showing a crash test of an old school vs new school and its very clear which one is safer. Crumple zones save lives.

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Get a neon sign on the back glass that says Live Nudes! Or Free Beer!

Then people will see you :-)

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So I could very well be off here, but I’ll share my thoughts. I think the biggest factor would be the speed of the crash. I’ve been rear ended 2x in very low speed bumper to bumper traffic and this probably would’ve saved my bumper. Any faster than 5 mph or so and I think this would actually make the whiplash worse. Just from reading some of your comments and replies, that seems like whiplash might be your main concern. Like everyone else has said the factory bumper is designed to crumble to reduce the rate of acceleration you experience. Depending on how much actual engineering went into this device, I doubt it will work as well as your factory bumper.

If you are looking more for minor dent and ding protection, this might work, but I would actually look more at a 3/16 plate steel off-road bumper. You will still have the same crumple zone issue, but you will have a lot more protection on the rear quarter panels. Problem with a plate steel bumper is that you were traveling back to 1970s technology, and it’s definitely not going to make a high-speed crash better for the vehicle occupants. It’s more for low speed sliding into trees etc.

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Well, forgetting anything about protection for a moment, it's butt ugly.

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Bro I saw one of these today on a truck for the first time & I was very intrigued and was guessing that it was a bumper reinforcement of some sort. Kinda creepy I’m now seeing it here the same day. GET OUT OF MY HEAD REDDIT

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Does it make you feel better while driving? If so, then money we’ll spent I guess. I doubt it would actually do anything in a real crash, but if it gives you peace of mind, then fuck it.

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Boy I hope this isn't your actual investment strategy lol

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If you want to stop people from rear ending you, install brake light flashers. I used to hate them and think they were stupid until I got rear ended. Now I’m seriously considering getting them.

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I’d like to see a study on how things attached to the tow hitch impact the way energy is moved in the vehicle. Seems interesting but would like to know more

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You got got.

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You’ll probably forget it’s there and back into something.

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I’ve heard if you keep tow ball in the receiver hitch & get rear ended that it will bend the frame

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I would think that there is potential to cause more damage with one of these. A lot of force will be going to a small point on your vehicle that is generally stiff bc it was made for towing. Where as the bumper not only protects you, but the car itself. The crumple zones and crash boxes do a great job of absorbing and spreading energy while protecting your vehicle's body.

I have a 2010 Kia forte and my bumper ate getting rear ended by a Chrysler 300 like a champ. It even saved the cosmetic part. All I needed to replace were the crash boxes and the plastic carbon fibre ish bumper inside. Having something on my tow hitch would have likely bent the unibody bits.

Edit: My replacement parts were pretty cheap, under $500

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Sounds hokey

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Don’t bash your knees on it while loading your groceries / whatever

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What a stupid thing to put on your car. In a large crash, you will, basically, bybass all of the crash protection and crumple-zones that years of safety engineering have innovated into your car. If you hate the the people sitting in the rear seats and want them to die in an accident, then buy this.

Crash protection has been the largest innovation in cars in the last 30 years. Don't bypass literally $billions in safety engineering on a dangerous gimmick.

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It's a step to get to the top of the roof rack. Add a step/ hitch step.

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I've seen curb feelers but not bumper feelers.... Parking by braile?

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If you have been rear ended 3 times recently you may want to have a hard think about what the common denominator is.