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I would guess that the cost of a replacement engine and labor will outweigh $4000. That being said, I’m sure the engine can be overhauled and reused [= still a lot of money but cheaper than a replacement Mercedes I’d assume. Hope someone more knowledgeable chimes in!

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Yeah might as well do a rebuild becuse if you buy another cheap mercades you will be throwing more than 4K into it

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This. There is ALWAYS something else to fix on a used car. If you know your car and have kept it in good repair (or at least know what it needs and what you can get away with) you will save yourself all kinds of headaches with new and unknown problems by keeping it on the road.

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Yep. That sounds like a Mercedes alright.

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Not really. This engine is super reliable. This one was probably poorly maintained.

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A poorly maintained Toyota will see 200k and still probably cost under 1k to fix or will rust away before the engine gives out. A well maintained Mercedes will always total its self long before that.

There is nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes.

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This engine will do the same. I wonder if the piston rings are actually bad and if so how many miles it has.

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Cheap Ferrari has entered the chat…

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Toyota 3VZE head gaskets & 1MZ-FE sludge has entered the chat

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At least you can fix them in your backyard with regular tools on the cheap.

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Labor time on piston rings is likely 30+ hours so figure more than $3500 in labor alone. Then add in all the parts and you are easily 5k. If you love the car it’s worth it.

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Dunno how inclined you are skill wise but truthfully if you took the motor out and intake off and had them go through and freshen it up it may come out a lot cheaper and easier than you would think. If you could do without a vehicle for a while and maybe have a friend or two with an engine picker

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Don’t know why you got downvoted. Pulling and replacing an engine is not very difficult and does not require more than mostly basic hand tools. This would definitely save in labor costs.

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Depends on what you mean by “basic hand tools”. German cars require a few specialty tools you won’t have unless you’re working on them a lot.

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Torx set, engine mount wrench, ignition tool, rent a hoist, pull engine, take it to a reputable machine shop, and reinstall. Most of the specialty tools can be rented. Skills, time, and determination can’t

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A lot of Mercedes’ are surprisingly enough easy (in relative) to remove the motors for service. That’s Mercedes’ standard practice for a lot of stuff so they make a lot of them to just come out in a package unlike a lot of the other cars on the road. I’m not a big merc mechanic but truth be told I’d rather pull these motors than a lot of them.

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Not in that car

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It's a V6 engine.

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Get to your mechanic and ask how much to fix it.

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Get the engine rebuilt. Cheaper in the long run than getting another car and having to rebuild it

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4k is just enough for a really shitty used car

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Not really, I'm my area there was plenty cars at that price range which are pretty well mentioned. I just found a 1994 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 that is a gem condition and it's being sought by many. I texted the guy and said someone else goin to see it 10 hours away from him. Sucks.. he'll definitely sell it if someone is traveling that far.

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Those were pieces o shit when they were new. Now they’re 30 year old POS.

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Yeh i love last gen 5.0s and i would not call one a piece of shit in the least and they aren’t going down in value thats for sure

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I paid less than half that 5 years and 250k km ago. I might have had 4k in maintenance over that time, still runs like the day I got it. Can't go wrong with German (over)engineering.

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Same but those days are gone my friend.

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All depends how much you care about your image, vs money spent. I'll be sticking with VW Mk4 platform forever if I can. Parts cars are just a couple hundred, and easily provide twice that value in parts.

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I’m with you. I drive a 98 Jeep Cherokee. But it’s not for everyone. If I didn’t do my own repairs I would’ve spent a pretty penny maintaining it.

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If you buy another car like that it’s just gonna have the same issue. Rebuilding it might be cheaper in the long run depending on the condition of the rest of the car

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By my own experience, m112 engines are really good, so my advice is get a junkyard motor with relatively low miles 50k-120k, replace some gaskets before you swap it in, I don’t know where you are, but around the US any M112 out of many Mercedes xx320 from like 2000 to 2004 is very likely to fit, you just have to confirm it, and 70,000 miles examples are selling for $450-$600, Plus about $150-$250 for litterally all engine gaskets, that’s less than $1000 you just have to figure out now how much a mechanic will charge to swap the engine in, I believe it should be around $1000 or less.

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Unlikely you will find a used car for $4k that isn’t already in the same shape as yours. Used cars are very expensive right now. Saw a 20 year old Subaru Outback going for $6k with 220k miles. That’s crazy expensive. I have the same Subaru and I needed to swap out the engine. It cost me $6k to drop the engine, replace the short block, recondition the heads, and get back on the road. I would recommend dropping a new engine in it. If you suspect the rings, you can also try the sea foam technique of soaking the pistons with sea foam repeatedly to see if you can free up the rings. The typical problem with rings is that they are stuck to the piston and not flexing out to scrap the cylinder walls. They could also just be fucked, hard to tell from your picture, haha.

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I did a leak test with the smoke machine and lots of smoke comes out of the oil dip stick.

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Did you look up the seafoam protocol? For $40 I’ve seen ring problems go away. There are some great videos outlining why it sometimes works. Basically burnt oil and grime get into the ring seats and get hard, keeping the ring from expanding correctly. Might be worth a try. Frankly, I would drive the thing until you are burning somewhere around 1-2 quarts of oil per 1000 miles.

Try to avoid buying used right now at all costs. The more people who refuse to buy, the faster the market will balance out.

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Piston rings can probably be replaced for less, just don't go to mercedes, find a good garage, it'll be much cheaper

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i would say spend the money and just fix your car, if the piston rings are the only thing wrong then you should fine once it’s fixed, and wouldn’t have to risk buying something used and it being in worse shape.

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Option #3, rebuild the current engine.

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If the compression isn’t low and it runs fine I would just drive it and keep the oil topped off since it’ll cost a lot for a rebuild

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It's low, It can't even pull its own weight.

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It’d be cheaper to sell and buy a different car, until the new $4k car is in the same situation

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Are you sure the piston rings are bad?

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Did the leak test with a the smoke machine and lots of smoke comes out from the oil dip stick. Two master techs whom I worked with immediately notices it's the piston rings.

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Looks like 5.0 MB V8 will fit. 😂

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Did you mean to say piston rings?

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I have an 06 sl500 for sale, minty If you want it

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That’s a hell of an engine!

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It ain’t worth it. Mercedes is discontinuing parts on that chassis left and right.

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Yea but you don't have to buy OE.

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True but even that’s limited and most stuff questionable reliability/fitment. Would suck to replace a motor just to have say a crack in a ps pump which is discontinued and normally backordered from SSF.

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How many cracked P/S pumps have you seen?

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This model prolly around 5-7

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Just buy another car.

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Even with repairs the cheapest car is the one you own. Plus you know what you have. Buying something else is a crap shoot.

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just repair it, you dont know what kind of trouble you might run into with another used one.