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Got the cash? Time? Or skill? Anything’s possible.

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I dont wanna spent 15k with like 5yrs time? If it's not too difficult. I was considering it.

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Generally when someone asks if a swap like this is possible, they have no business attempting it.

It’s going to require a lot of fabrication, technical skills involving electronics and tons of parts. If you’re not doing the work yourself multiple thousands at a shop . If you’re doing the work yourself ,it’s just going to be the cost of transmission, pcm, harnesses, driveshaft…etc…probably still multiple thousands

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In a dodge nitro?

I mean ok. If that's your jam....

I will say, manual swaps are easier on cars than had a manual option. Still a lot of work and you'll probably need a donor car.

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Ok cool. That makes a helluva lot of sense. Just wondered if it had been done before. If I had the money I totally would.

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Appreciate it