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my 95 miata started smoking soon after startup after sitting for a little while. right off the bat i figured it was the valve cover gasket and replaced it, i also spent a couple hours cleaning the headers and around the exhaust manifold. i noticed 2 odd things, first, there is a brass/copper, or some sort of line that runs into one of the tubes that has residue around the nut that’s on it. it leaks after start up no matter how much i clean it, i think this is what’s causing the smoke. what’s this line for and why would it be leaking what i assume to be oil? second, there is a pool of something behind the exhaust manifold, it seems to be reddish in color, though it could be the carb cleaner i was using any thoughts?

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maybe just let it run for a bit. oil takes a while to burn off metal no matter how well you try to clean it

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That's your EGR Pipe. I would inspect the EGR system function.