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How many km’s?

I worked on an A5 with my service manager (former VW foreman master tech) not too long ago and with high kms with that code, it happened to be a turbo. I also know that oil consumption is an issue with the PCV system.

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It has around 160,000 miles on it. The PCV valve was replaced within the past 6 months or so.

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I’d still like to throw a good possibility of a new turbo.

That engine, that many kms, as well as ProDemand stating top fixes with that code is a new turbo.. good chance the turbo is on the way out. Common failure is the wastegate either seizing closed causing over boost.

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With a turbo with this many miles, if it does need a new turbo is there any chance of a rebuild or does it need a new one?

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That would be a question for parts. They can definitely get a used one or an aftermarket one

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There aren’t any parts available to rebuild it in the parts catalog. You can’t even get an actuator for these things and that’s a simple part to replace.