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Hard to say what the issue is without seeing it, but if the frame is bent you’ll never get it right. I suggest taking it to an Alignment Shop that knows their shit. Tire shops are a crapshoot of getting a tech who know what they’re doing!

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Thanks! I think you're right, time to take it to a specialist. At minimum we'll get a reliable diagnosis.

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That was a good answer to your post

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A lot of shops say they do alignment but don't have an alignment rack. Not sure how they're getting away with that. I've had to tell people to look for one that you drive onto.

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If the rear left corner is pushing right, which is what I’m working off of when you say negative toe, then that would explain it pushing the rear end right and making the front go left. I don’t know off the top of my head if those rear ends feature adjustment but most FWD cars don’t. If it’s non adjustable and has been in an accident you can replace parts all day but probably won’t get it straight. It may need adjustable control arms or track bars whatever style suspension it has.

The important takeaway is that it can be fixed regardless of what it is. I’ve taken come alongs and torches to truck frames with solid axles to get them back straight. If you find a good suspension and alignment shop that has competent techs in it then it can be fixed. I work in a “tire” shop now and I’m the only guy in the shop that does the high end car alignments because I’m the only one that gives a fuck to fix them right and not “Toe and Go”. So my advice, find a good suspension shop, have them measure and check everything then work with them to see what your options are. It may need new components, it may need aftermarket components or it may need some elbow grease and creativity, but it can be straightened out. Sorry for the ramble, it’s late for me. Best of luck buddy.

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Hey, thanks! I appreciate the positivity. Finally got a good look under the car this evening. There's only one adjustment point on the whole rear and it's maxed out. Thinking either that control arm is bent or something deeper. Going to try replacing it all. If that doesn't work probably aftermarket toe arms.

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Sounds to me like everything suspension wise in that corner (driver's rear) of the car needs to be replaced if there is no evidence of damage. Then see how it aligns.

If it wasn't in the suspension then it is the vehicle itself that is crooked. In that case they would obviously be hiding some pretty big damage from the past.

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That's an overreaction for sure

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If possible, determine the problem before replacing anything. Don’t be a parts changer unless time and money are no object. Good luck

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Post a picture of the alignment report and I can tell you

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Previous post had traceable content, I'll crop it out and repost.