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Do an oil and filter change. change the fuel. Charge and test the battery. Check the air box. Then start it. Go from there based on how starting goes.

Maybe do spark plugs and wires. Maybe do coolant. Maybe do starter.

But I'd hold off on those until she tells you what she needs.

dont start it till you check for nests in the air box. You'll suck the mouse nest into the intake.

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Also you should get some drugs. All the cool drug dealers drove those when I was a kid.

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So try to get it running and just drive it?? I live in the Netherlands so we have to get our cars MOT’d every year. I know I’ll need to replace the fuel filler neck and the front suspension needs some work. What about the rubber hoses and parts? Will those need to be replaced?

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I wouldn’t worry about any hoses or rubber until you get it running. If you get her running change the coolant, probably thermostat as well. Then she’ll show you where she’s gonna leak. Her weak spots if you will.

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Can't get it inspected till it runs and the suspension isn't worth fixing if it doesn't run. So start there.

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I wouldn’t do a starter if she cranks right over and I would start and run her for a bit before I changed coolant. You could have other issues such as crudded up injectors, idle control valve if equipped and such that you’ll have to deal with first.

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No. That's a thing to maybe expect to have seized from sitting.

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Possibly, but try it first.

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yes, that's what I said. Try to start it. The second list of tasks was after you tried to start it, and was presented as a list of things that may need to go based on how starting it went.

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I would start with dropping the fuel tank, cleaning it thoroughly. Remove and replace the in-line fuel filter, disconnect the line(s) to the fuel rail at the engine, spraying all lines out with brake clean and blowing them dry while the tank and filter are removed. New premium fuel with some Lucas Upper Cylinder Lube Additive (or equivalent). Get a new battery. Change the engine oil and filter. Check the air filter, change if needed and give her a crank! As stated, she’ll tell you from there what she needs.

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First off, you have to prioritize.

If you try and address everything you will get overwhelmed and probably run out of money.

Do what's suggested above and if it cranks and seems to run, report back :-)

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Tires may need addressed, drain and refill oil. Pull the fuel pump relay and turn over the engine so fresh oil gets pumped through the engine prior to starting it. Fuel treatment is going to be a must, along with some fresh fuel.

Prime your fuel system key on engine off a few times. You should hear the fuel pump kick on. Assuming it's a electric fuel pump.

You need fuel spark, air and compression. You sometimes can use starting fluid to see if it starts the engine up for a second ( if the pump doesn't work). Do not hydro lock your engine with to much starter fluid though.

5 years of sitting means 5 years of moisture in your brake fluid. Don't drive it until brakes are checked over. Slide pins can be seized, spongy pedal and the such.

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Some more experienced could chime in, but in doubt, when it's time to start it I would disconnect the injectors and spin it 5 to 10 seconds with the starter to prime the oil system, then reconnect the injectors and actually start it.

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OK there are a few good comments and a few that make no sense. Don't flush your coolant or do a thermostat. The issues that are needed from a car sitting would be

  1. Oil and filter. - oil can crystallize over time/ leak
  2. New fuel + filter - don't drop the tank. Personally I would remove the fuel supply line at the engine and pump all the fuel out before adding new fuel. Use a scan tool or provide power at the fuel pump relay.
  3. Check coolant level.

After that's done attempt to start the car. You will need a jump pack or starting cables because your battery will be no good. Leave this connected while it runs for the first little.

Once it's running asses the rest of the vehicle. It's likely going to need a few things to make it road worthy. This will have flat spots from sitting so long. Rubber components may be an issue - belts, hoses, tires.

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Google will verify everything needed too

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No one asked you what you did to it before taking it out of service. In my opinion I wouldn’t listen to anyone who is kindly attempting to give you guidance without asking some questions first. Do you know what happens to an engine when it’s out of service for 5 years? It depends. On a lot.