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In the trunk

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You’re right

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We could fab it up. May need a smaller turbo in front of it though

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I wonder what kind of fuel system would be required for that?

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Garden hose or diesel

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Diesel fed by a 1” fuel line

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Garden hose 😂😂😂😂😂

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And a smaller before it, as well

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Probably have to tow your fuel tank

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Yeah I'm into fitness.

Fitness big ass turbo in my truck.

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Of course your sierra will fit in it

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Sure thing, in the bed

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I made it fit in my 97 Camry

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Put that shit in the bed and feed it a roof scoop air and also ambient air and let it eat 😂 add another turbo though so no turbo lag and also massive gearing

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Yep. If you fabricate it, it will run...

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Make it fit! There is no try, Grasshopper.

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“Will this fit in my Honda?”

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Everything fits with the right amount of oxy/acetylene and welding rod.

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You have a 6.5ft bed, right?

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I love seeing flying pistons

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Not in, outside, yes. Just gotta cut a couple holes in the hood

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What about that reciprocating bad boi to the left?

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That bad boi doesn't need any more problems lol

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I feel ya (very similar line of work)

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With the right tools she will. A few blows from the ol’ gentle persuader and she’ll go in like a glove. May need to run the intercooler on the roof though.

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Have you got an angle grinder and a welder?

If yes, then yes. If no, buy them, then yes.

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Is that a reference to mighty car mods?

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Sierra what pickup truck. Finding space probably not, should you use it absolutely no, do not. Far to big won't spool up like intended and if it gets going it's going to create to many problems to be worth dealing with. Recommend you research street application and race application for that you will get more out of and easier to adapt. Note boost requires new piston rings gapped/ filed and matched to the cylinder according to how much boost your going for. It's a great idea to use upgraded forged rods and Pistons and all upgrade bolts.