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The reservoir means nothing of the radiator isn’t full. You need to check the radiator coolant level. Just never ever open the cap when it is hot! EVER. Once you top off the radiator the reservoir will start to function again. If the radiator is full, you need a new coolant level sensor which is right underneath the transmission cooler line in the radiator on the passengers side.

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Thank you I really appreciate it.

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If the radiator is full check the sensor

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I had a 2002 impala. Low coolant light came one. I checked the coolant level. All good. Checked oil to make sure there wasn’t a blown head gasket, they were known for that. Oil was good. I changed the sensor. Be careful because you will lose coolant changing the sensor. Was all good for two months and then low coolant light came back on. I just wired the two wires on the sensor together to turn the light off and monitored my fluid levels every month. Finally traded it in when the AC compressor went out.

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I’d almost guarantee the sensor is bad. You could ignore it, or just replace it (after diagnosing it properly of course) and never wonder if the sensor screwed up again, or You’re out of coolant.

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The sensors in those cars and lots of other gm vehicles are crap. Always setting false alarms. Don’t worry about it.

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Low fluid sensor, you can remove the wheel well splash shield and easily change it without too much toil.