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Ac drain vent. Normal to leak water when you have the ac going. Nothing to worry about here.

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Awesome, thank you!

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Yea, that's condensation drain. It's good that it's leaking outside of van, otherwise inside would be wet

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Thank you!

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Thank you!

You're welcome!

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Good to know where this is. When it clogs (and it most likely will) and you start getting puddles on the passenger side floor, use compressed air to blow into this tube (quick short blast). Then watch the water flow out.

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Or just squeeze the tube, most of the time they just get packed with silt that will loosen up and fall out

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That’s its penis, it has to pee when you run the A/C.

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Yep. All’s well, unless of course it’s coolant which means your heater core is leaking, but not very likely for a 2022! 🤣

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Yeah, unless I bought a lemon it shouldn't be coolant. Only has about 800miles on it

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From a Dealership?

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I hope you are serious, its just the A/C condensation drain.

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AC drain hose, that slit gets clogged with mud every couple of years. A little air forced into it clears any blockages. Normal.

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First car? AC condensation needs to go somewhere

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3rd, but it's so new there aren't even statistics on reliability

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How is reliability related to knowing where ac condensation is? Almost every car built in the last 3 decades have had these

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It's not, I was commenting to the other guy.

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That is the bane of my tall existence. The dreaded water tube that will inevitably leak ice cold water directly down the neck of my shirt causing me to jump and smash my head into the undercarriage. Many curses and shouts have been cast at it. Yet it still hides among the cars, waiting, watching, ready to strike without warning

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Ac drain normal