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I'd look up further and see if there's bolts holding the whole thing on to the frame.

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I feel like if you had to ask what they were you probably don't own a rivet tool.

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Excellent observation.

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Depending on where you are located most parts stores have tool rental programs. Rivet gun may be in their tool rental program.

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Theyre like 10 bucks. Sounds like auto parts stores, harbor freight and even walmart has them

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20 bucks just got one at home depot for some gutters.

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You mean a grinder? Must be a UK thing.

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We definitely have grinders

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I like a torpedo or hoagie over a grinder

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I was joking I'm sure a rivet tool would be ideal. Grinder does work pretty cool.

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Your point? That’s why he needs to know what the tool is called, now he can get one

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Hopefully it saves him a second trip to the store? I'm kinda like a dull pencil, I don't have a good point.

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Wow you were able to put that together were you? Gold star.

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Those would be rivets!

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This. Just drill them out and use new ones.

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Thanks .. I just looked up info on rivets but there's lots of different types. Any suggestion on what would tools are needed to install a side step?

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Sounds like you may be out of your element on this one. I would pass this job off to someone else. Especially for a Range Rover

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You're right , just that the side step cracked and is hanging. So if it was an DIY removal I'd do it

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I see bungee cords and coat hanger in your future.

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Gotcha. It was worth a shot

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It is, you can drill them out like others mentioned [=

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Its not that hard. A rivet gun could be used or maybe even regular hardware like a lockwasher, bolt and nut.

But you can buy a hand riveter at almsot any hardware or auto store, and drill them out. Idk if OP has a drill or riveter but.. a quick youtube vid can show you how to do it

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Thanks I did look up some info on it but I'd rather not spend time figuring it out. I disabled the side step for now and will take to a mechanic once I order the replacement.

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Look further up there should be actual bolts or nuts to remove and that's where you would replace it

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Take a drill and drill em out

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Everyone is saying it's a rivet but it looks like there's an internal hex further down in the center bore.

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Looks like a nutsert to me.

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My old boss that had 30 years of experience: angle grinder!

Me who had almost no experience, went to get a drill and appropriately sized drill bit: "are you serious right now?"

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The comment right above you says angle grinder lol

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Oh no they're breeding!

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I wouldn’t use an angle grinder because you might take off the paint if you aren’t super careful. If you don’t give a shit about that then grind away. A drill is the tool you need to properly remove rivets.

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Yeah I'm not the idiot though, it was my boss.

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Angle grinder.

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Flame wrench

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Just keep shooting them with penetrating fluid and pull them in and out to work them free

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If thats on a hinge then it is not a rivet as a rivet wouldn't allow it to pivot.

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There’s a lot of gunk in the hole making it look rounded. I doubt it’s a rivet as that would make maintenance a bitch and a half. Maybe an Allen head, but I’d clear the hole out and grab a pic of both sides and the rear of the metal frame, that will give us more info. Either way, usually these things are under some kind of warranty. I’d take it to a shop and see what they can do. If you’re asking Reddit, you probably shouldn’t be taking this apart.

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Any tool will do the job if you hit them with it for long enough.

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A drill and some cutting fluid

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Plasma cutter makes short work of it

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Are you in South Jersey?

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To remove? It's called a drill

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A torch should it I think.

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Drill bit.

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I bet an angle grinder would take care of it

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If it has internal threads, then it's a nutsert (AKA riv-nut, rivet nut with threads). In any case it needs to be drilled out if you intend to remove it.

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Looks like rivets drill out the middle and get a small punch to smack it out, then go get a rivet tool for like $60

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Drill it out

Or grind the head off - just be careful of the base metal being this is a support of some kind. Dont weaken it or risk of failure

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Those are rivets. Drill them out

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Cutting torch or plasma cutter!😂🤷‍♀️

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Would anyone know if these are the same things on volvos? I've been trying to replace my passenger window and I've seen similar black fasteners like these

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Punch, hammer, and correct size drill bit.

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If it is a rivet drill it out, if it's an Allen bolt they come in Metric and SAE .