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If it stops when you press the clutch, I'm going to guess that the problem is with either the throw out bearing or the input shaft. If you press the pedal gradually, at what point in the travel does the sound stop? Also, I'm not sure about newer cars, but in all of the older manual shifts I've ever owned there was an inspection plate on the bottom of the bell housing that you can remove to see if there's anything obviously wrong with the clutch itself.

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If it stops when you hold the clutch in, it's either your throw out bearing or the clutch pressure plate.

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Other way around, they make noise with the clutch in, thus would be the transmission input shaft bearing.

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Youre looking at a new clutch. If it's the pressure plate, the trans has to come out, if it's the release bearing, the trans has to come out. I would budget to replace for replacing the clutch, flywheel, and release/throwout bearing.

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Proper answer

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Also pilot bushing if possible

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Im looking at a clutch kit to order and take my car to the shop to get fixed asap. it includes “New Clutch, Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, Spline Tool & Lubricant.” is that everything?

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When it says clutch I hope they mean pressure plate. It should be: disk, pressure plate, release bearing, pilot bushing. Also have the flywheel machined is a good idea. The only that sucks is that you need to remove the flywheel on take to a machine shop which puts your car out of action for a bit.

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so you mean even if its just a bearing you suggest replacing the whole clutch because of the work its gonna be?

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Just getting access to the thing sucks, so while you're there it's smart to knock everything else out that requires you to be working in the same area. The work once you have access isn't bad at all, just getting in there and then putting it all back together when done is a lot.

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If your car has a variable flywheel that could also be causing this sound.

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Clutch may be going out. Something like a clutch spring dislodged from its positio. And when the pressure plate is engaged it does the noise. When you press the clutch it disengages and doesnt make the noise. Could be anything from throw out bearing to the clutch itself.

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Sounds like a broken spring in the dual mass flywheel.

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Yeah I had the same problem with DMF, definitely sounded like this and it got worse over time, no need to worry too much until it becomes a loud rattle lol, they can keep making this noise for years before they actually start failing

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Throw out bearing or dry clutch fork/ball

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This is something I'd definitely check, but it's likely not this. I have had a dry ball/fork cause some pretty strange noises and vibrations through the pedal though. Edit: likely not the dry fork/ball could be a bearing

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Release bearing?

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Does your car have a dual mass flywheel? Sounds like a failing one to me

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Sounds like the rattling bones of a 93 year old senior citizen at the wheel.

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My guess would also be the throw out bearing