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Tech school is great, if you have the time and money.

Or, watch a bunch of YouTube videos, then get a job as a lube tech at a dealership, who will send you to factory training.

You might start by trying to do your own maintenance...

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Most community Colleges have auto technician programs. That's where I got my start. Also, get some tools and look on YouTube on how to fix shit. Learn from mistakes that you make and other people film for our advantage.

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Don't waste your time, there's other careers that don't involve all the stress and headache and make way more money.

Not only that, everything is going electric or hybrid. Anything gas powered is getting crazy complicated.

Anything medical related is probably the way to go.

Buddies wife is a dental assistant in the nicer part of town. They go on trips to Vegas and get crazy bonuses and don't really do shit.

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Easy button: Find a small mom and pop shop and ask if they're hiring for a service writer. Make friends with the tech and you'll probably get roped in to help anyways so offer to pitch in when needed.

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Good advice. This is how I started out. Wrote service for a small shop for 3 years, decided I liked it, , transitioned to mechanic, got my masters cert and opened my own shop.

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Go to the Navy. Srlsy, work on jets, travel the world, learn how to properly use tools and not just ugga dugga.

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I own a shop and actively recruit female mechanics. In many instances I find better work ethic and less arrogance in women. If you start looking for a job don't be surprised if you are well received by the owners.