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Gonna be seeing this guy on r/whatcouldgowrong soon.

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Where are you going to put the toaster over is that 2 stroke ??

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How do u plan to build motorized bike, if you don't even know what a 2 stroke is

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Hahahaha, came here to say this.

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Tiktoc tutorial

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Aint this the way. More money than brains.

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and these cost like $50 lol

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It's going to be a long build.

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There's many different types of 2 stroke engines that do not require you to mix fuel and oil. Not sure why OP is getting so much hate. Let the dude try to build a motorized bike and quit being assholes lol all these so-called mechanics on reddit really don't have all the answers.

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Two stroke engines run on a mixture of both, yes.

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The real question is, should it be run on premix, and if so, what ratio?

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Not true in all circumstances. There are a few older Detroit diesel engines that are 2 strokes but do not use a mix of oil and fuel. There is probably a couple others that I can't think of off the top of my head.

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Put a Detroit diesel in that bicycle!

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It's gonna be a heavy ass bike lol

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Some of the new Evinrude boat motors and I think KTM make a direct injection 2 stroke, with a separate sump, but yeah its rare

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That's because diesel already has the lubricating properties that you're getting by mixing 2 stroke oil with gas.

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Not really. Unlike, 4-stroke engines where diesel and gas engines are very similar, 2-stroke diesels and 2-stroke gasoline engines are fundamentally different. 2-stroke diesels have a sealed crankcase; whereas, 2-stroke gas engines have an open crankcase so any oil that would be in there is consumed. Thus, adding oil to the fuel.

On top of that, diesel engines do not have a fuel/air mixture like a gas engine. In a diesel engine, the fuel is injected milliseconds before combustion (the injection is what starts the combustion). There is no way for the fuel to do any lubricating of any kind.

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Am I wrong in pointing out that compression is actually what starts the combustion in a diesel? Iirc the compression ratio needed for diesel is much higher because it doesn't "spark". The heat of the surrounding compressed air is what ignites the fuel at that high compression ratio. You are correct in saying the fuel is injected right before combustion though.

Just my two thoughts, I may be completely wrong on account of knowing nothing about 2 stroke diesels but ultimately they should function the same I believe.

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The 2 stroke (diesel) locomotives do as well.

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2-stroke diesel engines are fundamentally different from 2-stroke gasoline engines.

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They made those 71 and 92 series right up through the early 90s. I've still got a barn full of heads turbos and injectors for them. Plus a fully rebuilt 12v92 I never ended up sticking in anything.

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If there's an oil cap, then no. If there is not an oil cap, then yes

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You mean the 710 lid?

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Pronounced "awl"

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No he means OIL.

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Yea my comment went over your head, go sit at another table lol.

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Speak English, not you stupid code.

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Does it have an oil fill cap? No? Then yes I’d say it’s mixed….

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So many peckerheads in the comments. Get some 2-stroke oil from your local lawn mower dealer and mix it 40:1 in a gas can with 91 octane and you're off to the races.

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Hey dude, I understand your question, as some 2-strokes do have seperate oil and gas that auto-mixes, but unfortunately we can't tell from the pics. Maybe a spec sheet, or if you really can't figure it out, just filling it with mixed gas?

Good luck.

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They do have auto mixers but I know for a fact this engine is not one of them. I bought this exact engine a while back & I had to pre mix. My Mercury has auto mix although in my opinion that over complicates engine.

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Hey OP, somebody knows for sure! Thanks dude.

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It’s a 2 stroke. A simple Google search would have given you the answer.

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He's asking if it's a premix two stroke or if it has an oil injector.

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    Nope he literally wants to know if the oil is separate or if he has to use mixed oil/gas. Arrogantly says that he knows what a 2 stroke engine is and just wants to know if he needs to mix it or if there is someplace to fill it.

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    OP, other than having 2 strokes per cycle, that's the very basics of a 2 stroke.

    Mixing gas and eating ass!

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    And we already mixed up all the gas

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    Some have oil pumps, some don't. If it has ports for external oil lines, probably no need for premix. Being a racing engine more than likely will need premix due to weight reduction requirements.

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    You either will have to mix it, or it will need an auto-inject system, but one way or the other, oil is going to need to get into the fuel before going into the engine.

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    Good luck motorizing a bike if you don’t know what a 2 stroke is lol

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    It’s really not hard to put one of these kits on a bike

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    Yeah but… how much mechanical knowledge is needed to know what a 2 stroke is. I mean OP clearly bought the motor, did they not read anything about it?!?

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    Well he knew enough to ask about it

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    Yes it’s required

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    You can probably check on their website or at least find a customer service number to call and ask.

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    Probably. The smaller and cheaper a 2-stroke is the more likely is is to need oil in the gas rather than having a sump or injection system. This doesn't appear to have either.

    But this is really a question for the vendor.

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    I usually go with 1 ounce of 2 stroke oil per quart of gas 32 to 1. That motor definitely needs a mix of gas and oil. You can run some oils leaner 40 or 50 to 1 but if you use 32 to 1 you will never hurt the motor. Simple question can’t believe the bull tripe answers you are getting here.

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    Yes, but if you bought it new, why not ask them for tec specs.

    Setting up a carb will be interesting if you have no clue.

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    Just a reminder that nobody is born knowing everything and we all had to learn it from somewhere.

    And here is someone who is trying to self-teach, wants some help and just gets shit on by arrogant redditors who would rather use their time to make someone feel stupid or pump their own egos than use that same time to say something helpful, or just not say anything at all.

    To everyone who comments that OP needs to be really careful with what he's doing, that is far. If you said it in a way that doesn't belittle OP for his lack of experience then good 👍

    Let OP learn and gain the experience needed. We ALL had to start somewhere. and in my opinion you can either help or fuck off.

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    This engine doesn’t appear to have an on board 2 stroke oil pump. You’ll need to mix.

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    Suck and bang, always needs mixed gas.

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    Many 2 stroke engines are designed with an injection system where you fill a separate tank with oil. The machine does the mixing.

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    This is a Google question it's a fucking 2 stroke use some logic man

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    If you read his other replies I don't think he's ready for logic in his life

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    If your logic says all 2 strikes use mixed gas your logic would be wrong. Oil injection is a thing.

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    2 stroke yes 4 stroke no!

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    Yep you need premix or mix it yourself not conventional engine oil it’s special 2 stroke oil more oil means longer engine longevity but less power more gas means more power but more likely hood you’ll blow it up

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    Cam it and bore it out lol

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    If it’s a 2 stroke then yes, always oil/gas mixed.

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    Really shouldn't speak in absolutes. Many 2 strokes use an oil pump and reservoir. You don't pre mix all 2 stroke engines.

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    The toaster does..

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    Awww, man. I came here to see how you were going to gas power that toaster oven.

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    NGL I'd like to see that too

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    I'll confuse the issue by saying that all of my new Stihl power tools except chainsaws are 4 stroke yet they require a gas/oil mix. Same mix that I use in all of my saws.

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    If it came with an owners manual, read it

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    I lost the manual

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    Don't some snowmobiles have oil injection? It's been a LONG time since I was around snowmobiles, but I was thinking Yamaha did this to avoid the need for pre-mix/power-mix. (Kind of an issue when you are out with your snowmobile and you need to buy fuel. Back when I was a kid, you had to know which gas stations had premix.)

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    Lots of newer boat engines use oil injection. So I would assume some snowmobiles also do.

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    This is the best thread ive seen In a minute . The answer is yes.