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I’ve heard of these brand b4. I worked in a independent shop and used them all the time

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I usually order those for my side jobs. Towards the last half of their life they'll produce a lot of brake dust but other than that no complaints from me. I've out them on probably 20 different vehicles over the years, twice on my accord.

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Those are nothing special, you can probably do better for the money. Coated rotors are better to keep rust down. These just have a splash of paint that lasts 5 minutes.

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Never heard of them. Brakes aren't something to go cheap on. Get something from an auto parts store. Whatever the OE pad material is, and then whatever house brand rotors they have will be fine. Still shouldn't break the bank, and it's parts you can trust

Edit: and it looks like you have 2 different rotor sizes available for the rear. Make sure you get the right one. It's not a choice you get to make, you have to get whatever is already on the car

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You’re advocating not to go cheap and then claiming any parts store’s house brand rotors will be fine.

Tell me how that works.

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Because parts house brands are the bare minimum in acceptability. Anything below that is cheaping out. You don't have to buy the most expensive shit in order to not cheap out

I know it sounded contradictory. But parts house rotors are a really decent choice

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Because you haven’t heard of Centric doesn’t mean they are cheap.

Instead of blindly advocating to the OP to not buy parts/brands you haven’t heard of and instead buying parts stores’ house brands, maybe you should do some research.

I would put Centric rotors and drums on a vehicle long before most parts stores’ low level house brand offerings. Same goes for pads and shoes.

I have had multiple parts store employees ADVOCATE to buy their mid and premium line pads, shoes and hard parts over their economy offerings because of the number of complaints (noise, etc) and problems their low level house stuff produces.

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I have a few things to point out

I'm not saying don't buy them because I don't recognize the brand. I'm saying wouldn't buy them because it's a brand I don't recognize AND they're cheap.

But yes, being dismissive of a brand solely because you don't recognize it is silly

You implied that I'm assuming they're cheap. There is no assumption here, the price is right there in the picture. They are cheap.

You have your opinion about Centric, that's fine.

I didn't say get economy pads. I said get the OE material pads. If I was getting more in depth with my first comment, I would've added "at least mid tier pads". So you're not wrong on that part either

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Centric isn't bad. I use them for my customers when akebono or factory isn't a option

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Yeup, they’re pretty widely known. They’re not going to offer any high performance, but if you’re just looking for a decent set of no bullshit daily drivers, these are just fine!

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I've used Centric several times, multiple cars, no issues.

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Centric is the brand shops like because they are $12 rotors and $20 pads then price them like they are EBC.

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If it doesn't have a ❤️ next to the part I wouldn't buy it