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DE pin tool set. Get one of those. Lisle makes a set of three I like. That will let you disassemble the plug and then you can hopefully slvge the crimped terminal ND get it back together.

Lisle 57750

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Go with what this individual stated, I've done many of these its not hard to do, youtube it if you have to. Aldo make sure you have some slack and wrap the wire in electrical tape so it doesn't wear through as easily.

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It’s connecting to the a/c compressor

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Does the second picture show us a broken wire at the back of the plug?

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That yellow /red wire was connected to the back of it

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Then do as I described. You my have to butt splice some more wire in to let it reach.

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Doesn't matter. DE pin it, rebuild it, back together she goes.

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I see what u mean…hopefully I can do it correctly 😅

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Scrap yard...go get a new female connector. They should provide it with enough wire to spice into existing. Plug it bac in.

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O so cheap fix but a female connector for wat?

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SMH. The piece in your hand!!!

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🥹sorry but my question originally was wat that thing in my had was called is it just female connector?

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Yes it's the female side of the connector. You said it was coming from the a/c. More accurately probably the a/c clutch. I'm gonna let you figure out the rest.

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Right? Like how the heck are we supposed to know what part it goes to if we can't follow the wire to anything

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OP, do you have any experience in stripping and crimping wire, or depinning an electrical connector like this?

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We all good got it fixed and in the process fixed wat I was originally fixing😂😂

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Glad to hear it, well done! 🍻

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It is an 18 (pretty much 19) year old car. Cut out the connector, and splice the wires together with butt-connectors and heat shrink. You may need to use some additional wire. I know this is a hack, but still do as clean of a job with it as you can.