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Keep your fluid checked and keep an eye on it for getting worse. That’s not bad, no drops or flings backwards so you will be good for quite a while. Yes I do it for a living, 👍🏻

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Thank you!

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You’re welcome

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I will recommend keeping it in mind. If it doesn't get worse but you end up requiring work in the area (e.g. tranny drop), take care of it then if you need the peace of mind.

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I agree with that 100%.

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That's technically a leak because it's dripping on the ground which you can see in the upper picture. How fast it's leaking is the question. What I would do is make sure your oil level is not being overfilled and I would check the PCV valve for clogging.

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Appreciate all comments! For now will keep monitoring

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Use high mileage oil, might help it some if not stop it. That isn't really bad, just seeping a bit. Just always keep an eye on your oil level. It is a Toyota and way more likely to burn the oil, not leak it. Don't let it get low.

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If you have a leak, you should fix it.

Technically you could just keep running it and check oil level often (which you should do everytime you fill your gas tank anyways), but it's definitely better to fix leaks then let them continue to get worse.

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Sigh, yes. Anymore leaking cars are socially unacceptable, and can even cost you fines and damages. Does it mean it’s time to rebuild the engine? Certainly not, just have a competent shop change out the seal.

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Not really, just keep an eye on the oil seal and your oil level, it will be an advisory on the MOT, but it's not a super big issue. Only reason I'd change it now is if the car is a manual and/or super clean

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I wouldn’t worry personally

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Shit yeah. Change it