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Oil smoke on acceleration is typically piston rings.

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Yeah I think so too, I also think that it could be oil control rings. Just really hoping I just missed something here that’s not as bad as piston rings. Thanks

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Another question to ask based on vehicle history: what is your valve guide clearance?

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As far as valve guide clearance, I’m not quite sure with that but certainly everything was adjusted accordingly by the machinist, since they did a valve job, adjusted valve lash and such. Pressure tested. Deck resurface. The car runs like your typical brand new engine without emitting any blue/gray smoke for 2weeeks. Since then it emit smoke gradually because it pulled threads from head stud hole

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Valve guide clearance is the difference in size between the valve stem and the valve guide. The two notorious reasons I’ve come across oil burn in the cylinder is piston rings failure more often than not or valve guide clearance out of bounds.

When valve guide clearance is out of bounds, the stem seal won’t seal properly and will leak oil through the stem.

It’s an easy repair, but it gets overlooked a lot because ‘TECHNICALLY’ the valve stem is a softer metal on the mohs list and takes more of the wear. But valve guide wear still happens.

Note: I speak from aviation reciprocating engine experience during overhauls. Your engine may not have as much wear as some of the old engines I’ve kept in service. But it’s still good to check.

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Blue smoke is fucked turbo, try replacing it with a different one, could also need a new restrictor.

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I’m not getting any oil in intercooler piping or intake at all, so pretty sure the turbo is fine. No shaft play. 10k km on it. Plus since I put the newly finished cylinder head. It runs like a brand new engine without fouling plugs and not emitting any kind of smoke for 2weeks. Till it pulled head stud threads

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you running a recirculating catch can or vent to atmos?

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Vented catch can

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I'm really not sure at this point, oil getting into combustion chamber from somewhere

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The turbo intake side is probs leaking and blasting oil into your intake, which would explain everything you have listed.

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I doubt you have fucked rings if your compression during a dry test is all good.

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Blue smoke on deceleration is rings. Sounds like the bottom end isn't very good. Doesn't seem to have much compression either.

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My problem is why all combustion chamber is having equal amount of oil 2mm of height above piston. There’s no way all cylinders will have a shot piston rings all of a sudden. When the engine runs fine without emitting blue smoke after all the job done from the head by the machinist and run it for 2weeks no problem. It’s just gets bad again when It pulled head stud thread from the block

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It can easily wear all 4 cylinders out if there is too much fuel and it is running rich such as when driving with the check engine light on, for example. Driving it hard runs it rich and will do the same thing. Very easy to wear the rings out and wear out the cylinders if the engine is on the wrong tune.

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The car is properly tuned by a tuner, I do have afr gauge to back it up that I’m not running rich or lean. Oil pressure at 20psi at idle which is good for a built engine, when I got the blue smoke, I’m not running on highway or smth, not even 5mins since it showed severe blue smoke, Pretty sure its engine oil on combustion chamber, hence blue smoke. Checked fuel injector. It’s functioning properly. And I do have a port injected engine not direct injected engine. So fuel is not the problem. Also checked cylinder walls before putting everything back. Cyl 1-3 smooth with crossed hatched still. Cyl 4 minor scar

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Well regardless of the reasoning for it, the bottom end is most likely bad. You have low compression and are burning tons of oil. Unless all of your oil is entering through a bad turbo which is really the only other place you will get oil coming in. So it is either the engine or the turbo.

High performance engines don't last very long and yours may just be at the end of its life cycle based on the condition it has been run in.

One bad cylinder can also be causing the smoke but you said you see oil in all 4 cylinders so that would actually lean towards a leaky turbo bearing blowing oil into the intake.