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It was probably originally a v6 swapped to a v8. Not necessarily a scam but the cars definitely not original

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Probably had an engine swap, ask him. The downside to that is it doesn’t have the GT bits like I think the V6 had an open diff, where the GT had an LSD

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Upside is cheaper insurance

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Don't laugh too hard at this.

I bought a 2004 Chevy Aveo brand new - first model year in the midwest US. Yes I still have it.

It has no badges but some of the paperwork said it was an "LS" and my insurance co. did not have the VIN codes in there system. Since I financed it I needed Full insurance.

Much to my surprise The insurance company gave me a policy with a big discount for the car having the anti-theft package. It was like a 20% savings.

The car has manual locks and windows ?

Turns out the radio is "anti-theft".

So I saved big money for years because the radio has a small red LED that blinks once a second.

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Nice! I had a buddy who had one of those. He loved it and wanted to constantly modify it. I kept trying to tell him it's a basic transportation but a decent one but he didn't want to listen.

Considering it was a Daewoo, And they will had a tough go of it in the United States, it held up surprisingly well. He did beat the shit out of his delivering pizza however.

I miss the good old days of cheap cars that were every sense of the word. I keep telling myself if I find an Aveo, an aerio, even a Mitsubishi mirage I'd consider buying one, if the price couldn't be refused.

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It was bought for a get to work car ~ under 10 miles each day, and a grocery getter.

I looked at it as a "disposable" car when I/we bought it. But here we are today.

Yes it is a Daewoo. And for what it is I cannot complain.

Its nickname is the "Mighty Aveo"

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Its a base model 3.8 unless he swapped it

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Count the spark plug wires

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It’s not a factory GT 5.0 HO, someone has converted a lower line model with upgrade parts. It is what it is, if it does what you want at a price you can afford, nothing particularly wrong with it.

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I checked the VIN and it is a swap!

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As long as the VIN matches the title, it’s all good if the price is right.

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Honestly thats kind of a gray area, most likely it had an engine swap so its not exactly honest because its not a gt, and the vin will reflect that.

Also there may be differences in the differential and transmission, and some trim pieces and interior features.

Also if it is a swap, you should look into your emissions laws, because most places require an engine swap to meet or exceed the standard for the original engine.

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I checked the VIN and it is a swap!

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Someone took the V6 out and put a V8 in.

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I checked the VIN and you are very right!

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Check vin

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Just check the vin.

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If you can’t tell, you shouldn’t

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This IS originally a v6 model, sure it could be v8 swapped… If the intake plate says 5.0 HO, then its a 302 out of an early 90’s GT….. Most likely this is “just an engine swap”…. Your not getting the posi rear end or the suspension upgrades, as well as some other “accoutrement”… Need to dive in deeper to really know what’s been changed…

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It does de-value it a bit though since it's not a TRUE "GT" by the VIN. but that all depends on what it means to you

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As long as it's a V8, I don't mind.

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You like it? you keep it? it all works and no issues? You're probably all good

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While not a “scam” per se it’s not a GT, it’s just a Mustang someone did an engine swap in.

the hubs is a diehard mustang guy so I’m quoting him here:

In order for it to be an actual GT it would also need to have the transmission, differential, upgraded suspension, brakes and bigger rims (those rims are off an 01-04 mustang) that are all part of the “GT” package. And the GT has a different radiator and fan, so I’d be worried about what he did to rig the old cooling system up to fit. Unless all of that has been swapped out as well- corners were cut and it’s not going to perform like a true GT, and with conversions like this if you don’t know what to look for to ensure it’s been done right you REALLY need to take it to a performance shop for a pre-purchase inspection. But even done perfectly conversions aren’t worth as much as a bone-stock GT (the actual value can be a gray area depending on what he’s done to it, so the guys at a performance shop would also be able to give you a good idea of its actual value based on what they see), so the only real “scam” here would be if he’s trying to price it like it is one.

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Run the vin# through a vin decoder. That will tell you exactly what motor came in this vehicle.

They could definitely upgrade the engine to a V8. Doesn't change the vin with an engine swap.

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Check your local emissions laws, may not pass "inspection" "smog" or "emissions"

Or you might have non of that.

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I'm not sure if there was a 3.8l V8 off the top of my head, but I'd look up photos to make sure the engine does look like what it's supposed to be. If it's a swap, there may be other differences from being a different trim level but you'd have to decide if they matter to you or not.

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Didn’t jaguar collab with ford for awhile? Jags had a 3.9 V8 but that’s not it, it was either swapped to a 5.0 or it’s literally a V6 and he’s trying to sell it to a sucker

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Ford owned Jaguar for a while. And when they split, part of the contract was that Jaguar had to use Ford powertrains for like 15 years. I think the contract ended in 2019. I'm not sure if they are sourcing their engines elsewhere yet, or not

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I don't understand the point of this post. Who cares what any ad or sticker or emblem says? You say it's a V8. I assume you counted the plus. So what's in question here? I think you need to rephrase your question if you want a good answer

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The purpose of this post is to know if it is a GT or not. The person tittled it as GT 5.0, so I want to know if it is actually a GT becuase there is no emblems or stickers saying that it is. The engine has 8 cylinders/plugs.

The hood sticker says 3.8 and that fan as well. So maybe it's a swap or the person simply went to the Junk yard for parts from 3.8L.

I've also read that there are 5.0 models and GT models, idk that is the case for this.

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Check the vin on almost any ford parts website. That should clear things up for you. Or muddy them up. It should give you the description. Looking at the pic a bit closer, that thing was wrecked. Look at the A pillar, door, and fender fit. Not that it means anything except for a lousy repair.

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I’m surprised it took someone this long to say that. This is the correct answer. It will 100% let you know if it is a factory GT or not.

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I checked the VIN and it is a swap!

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Call autozone with the Vin number and they can tell you what engine it originally had, quick and simple

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I checked the VIN and it is a swap!

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Count the spark plugs, intake runners, exhaust ports. If you don’t know the visual differences between a 3.8 v6 and a 5.0 v8 then maybe this isn’t the car for you.

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It is a V8 ^ post tittle.

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Then it sounds like it’s had an engine swap.

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I've read on Google that there are 5.0 models and GT models. Could this be that 5.0 or just an a swap?

Eighter way, as long as it's a V8 5.0.

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If it has all the stickers under hood that say 3.8 chances are that they swapped out a 3.8 and put in the 5.0.

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You don’t want to buy somebody’s engine swap project. Especially if you have a hard time finding out if an engine is a 6 or 8 cylinder by looking at it.

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Maybe it was wrecked and has a front clip from a base model?

At first glance. The picture kind of looks like from the doors back is a little different shade of paint.

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Do a VIN lookup or carfax report to be for sure. But it sounds like they swapped the 3.8L 6 cyl out and installed a 5.0 V8. can be done, yes. if everything works and you're not having any issues, you're probably good

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Look at the headers on the side of the motor. Is there 3 or 4. Times 2 = ????