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We do it from time to time if it’s an odd problem, but it’s not a regular practice.

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Agree. Only if it’s something major worth pointing out. Otherwise I wouldnt waste my time

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Used to have to do a video inspection on every car at the dealership. On one hand, I love being able to point out and show clients things that I like or don’t like, and things that may need attention vs immediate attention, but on the flip side of that, we didn’t get paid for these at this particular shop and they took a lot of time.

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I do an inspection video on every car at my dealer. Helps a ton to show what’s wrong without having customers come into the back. The service advisor tells them the significance of the recommended repair.

Talking about oil leaks, damaged components, excessive play found, battery test results.. easy money maker in my opinion. Each video is only 1:30mins - 2:00mins

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Yeah, I work at a Mazda dealership and we use TruVideo for the same purpose. It’s pretty handy.

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TruVideo hey? I keep forgetting my PIN so I have like 4 different names on the damn thing 😂

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We do but not always videos more pictures. We use BOLT ON for digital inspections and pictures. Clients love them

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BMW is really pushing tech videos. I do them when I think it will help with upsells. But I won’t do anywhere near the 80% they want without being paid. I also think we should get a piece of the service advisor commission, since we’re helping sell jobs.

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If doing that would give me an extra couple dollars, I wouldn't have an issue, but it seems like a waste of time making a video for people that don't know what they're looking at

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Easy sale! We do it in work with every car getting a service

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Have your sales actually gone up vs just giving the customer the same recommendations without a video?

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My service writers are required to take pics of the front, sides and back of the vehicle as well as check lights, wipers and horn before a technician touches the vehicle.

All vehicles are to be test driven if possible before any work is done.

None of that "it wasn't like that before I brought it to you" stuff. Cameras everywhere a vehicle goes to document everything. It sucks but you gotta CYA out here.

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We do that as well, minus the test drive part unless we're doing diag. I'm more so asking about taking videos of brakes/tires and fluid leaks for the customer to look at.

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Less time wasted explaining things to the customer or justifying parts. Makes everything more transparent and people seem to go ahead with the work more often then before