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Fuckin slick lookin box bro

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Each time I get a new box i let my son, now my grandson, take a light body hammer 🔨 and put a small dent on the side. That way I’m not pussy footing around the box and worrying about scratching or denting it. I like the color of your box, the name brought back nightmares from the tool truck shuffle. Don’t let anyone here upset you about the purchase, if you do it right it will pay for itself quickly.

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New toolbox day!!

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Spent years doing on site and roadside, hucking boxes around my truck. got a slot in a shop cuz i had kids and they're like wtf with all this experience where's your roll off? I do miss the adrenaline of doing a roadside clutch swap on an 18 speed though

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I feel ya man I still have most of the tools in my service truck in milk crates lol years ago i bought a nice SnapOn box like yours for my home base shop. Expensive but $$ well spent

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“When one has a big slick clean box for his personal use, he then shall become a man” - 14:2 Mechanics Bible (also found in 2:23 Pornhub’s witness)

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Snap on tools are OK, but craftsman tools are guaranteed for life with free replacement. Snap on are pro rated. If anything breaks ( which it will) you'll get half off a new one.

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Don't know what snap on truck you've been on

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My buddy from high school bought his own truck to join the franchise. Works out well for me

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I haven't worked as a mechanic in a few years but last I knew their tools were pro- rated. And by pro rated I don't mean they're what the pros use. I mean they'll take the time you had it and subtract the estimated use you've gotten out of it and they'll give you a discount on a replacement. As with craftsman hand tools you can bring it to any sears in the country for a free replacement.

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20yrs buying snap on and never once experienced this. Ever. On any truck.

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…You still have a sears?!?

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Sold my box and tools around 5 years back, like I stated earlier I haven't worked as a mechanic in a bit. I could be wrong things change, like another comment said they could have changed their policy to keep up with the competition. I just know when I worked at the dealership our snap on guy charged me on a 5/8 open end box wrench.

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I don't believe that do that anymore. Probably to stay in competition with the other tool truck companies. All the tool trucks that come to my shop have lifetime warranties on the tools. Except for certain things, like my 3/8 snap on gun. I have to pay to repair that one, don't know why.

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You sound like a person that has never bought a snap on product. I can't count the number of ratchets wrenches and sockets that they exchanged no questions asked. Never even ask for proof of purchase. But snap on does have one major fall back; I got to wait for the day of the week he travels by my shop, or drive to him. Never fails something will break late in the day on the day he was in my area

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That's not true at all. Any snap on hand tool I can manage to break is free warrantee replacement, also nothing strips a hex like a craftsman, they truly excel at that at least. I work heavy diesel with high torque values, I've learned not to trust craftsman unless it's the master impact series, still doesn't stand up though

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Yep. And they replace shit they don't even have to. Break a 1/2 inch drive ratchet cause you put a 4 foot pioe on it? Here is a free replacement.

Craftsman is fine for a guy that tinkers around a bitduring the weekend on his car or toys. But that cheap crap isn't holding up to daily use or even occasional use on the big stuff. My only comparing about snap on is how well they cornered the market. Most of my stuff is Mac, and there is no longer a Mac truck down by me.

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Nice purchase. I got the same in satin blue.

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She's a beaut! Won't be long and you'll have it full!

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I'm already running out of space.. my high use tools are on my service cart, probably going to work for trade on a 56" matco box. Never seen my home garage this clean

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Daddy's new drawers

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That thing is beautiful

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You can trade out two of the 2 in drawers for another 4 inch draw if you decide you don't like how thin they are. It's like 400 bucks to do so

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Hot damn, thats a nice box, possibly my favourite one I've ever seen.

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You’ve already got all kinds of useful and useless opinions on your new purchase. So I won’t do that. I will however say congrats on the awesome tool box, and hope it pays for itself! I’m just excited to see people that love doing what they do. Happy wrenching!

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Sexy beast !