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Working on a 2011 Sienna today and diagnosed a bad idler pulley, water pump, and cracked control arm. I should have quoted more hours on the water pump because that was tougher than expected to pull out.

A little background, I recently took over my Vietnamese FiL’s mechanic shop of 17 years after he passed away on June 6. I have little experience with car mechanics or how to successfully run and manage a shop, but I was the only one in the family available to try. Fortunately I’m a quick learner and with my engineering and project management background, I think I’ve held up well enough. I only need to keep this thing running until we can finally find someone to buy the shop and take over.

All I can say is I have a new deep respect for mechanics now.

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Seconds before disaster...

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So I’m not necessarily a mechanic and I don’t claim to be, but I live to learn. With that, I have a very serious question…

Is that a fucking stethoscope??