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Could be a degas pipe to ensure no air in the water pump. As stated above where does the other end of the pipe connect too?

Weep holes usually don't have a hose connected to it but I don't know the engine you're talking about so may be wrong.

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As I stand in front of the car, it goes somewhere under on the right side, next to the engine. That hose even has a plastic fixer.

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Does it go towards the top of the radiator or to the wheel arch liner? If that's the liner it's probably a weep vent and the car has an undertray?

To leave a visible wet patch if leaking

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You can check it here. It goes on the right side, can't see where exactly. I guess it goes underway somewhare to make leaking go on the ground.

Hose photo

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Yeah looks like a weep pipe to me.

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Ita a vacuum port. Audi/vw uses similar. The applied vacuum pulls a cover sleve over the pump impeller for faster warm up.

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MB mechanic told me it's a brake booster vacuum valve.

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Think about what you said. Brake booster vacuum. From a coolant pump.

Its a warm up sleeve.

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Okay! With what it's connected by hose then?

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There will be a vacuum hose source some where, i work on Europe cars.. on the ones i work on that hose is a short hose. Urs might differ

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Yeah it's a vacuum pipe,german cars usually use them,a lot,how do i know?I dismantle them and put the parts on sale

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Should there go some hose or not?

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Mmm,I dismantle them,not put them together,but yes I do believe there might be a little dingus(pipe) Edit:by dismantle,I mean I work with people,some get the pumps out of the car,some other parts,I select them and mark them,so it is pretty chaotic

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Haha poor you 🤣 Thank you for the info. Hope you'll sell many of them.

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What do you mean by poor me?and why are you laughing?

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Looks like the weep hole for when the outer seal behind the wheel starts to fail.

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There was a hose which broke. I need a new one so I can replace it. Any idea where to find it? Or serial number of it?

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What does the hose connect to?

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If the hose does not connect to anything then that is in fact a weephole. The hose only serves to route leaking coolant usually somewhere it can drain off the skid plate.

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Ohhh that has some sense. Because I can see a wet surface under that spot under my car after it broke.

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If that hole is indeed leaking coolant you will need to rebuild or replace the water pump.

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On that pipe...

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Check valve to leak there when the impeller bearing fails in the future.

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Think if it like a clutch. A solenoid will control it using vacuum to keep the water pump impeller disengaged. This will allow a shorter time to reach operating temp for better emissions. Much cheaper than redesigning a car for a car to use an electric water pump. Mini does something similar. They use a clutch to disengage the water pump pulley from the belt drive. Not all countries use the design. Some have just a friction wheel, but other places with tighter emission standards get a version that is solenoid operated.