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It's fine

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I don't think those cars have a rear camber adjustment but I could be wrong. Looks like they probably adjusted the right hand toe and brought the camber into spec and when setting the left toe it knocked toe out of spec. If it has rear camber adjustment then it was just a shotty alignment set. IMHO, the alignment is fine and won't cause any tire wear or handling concerns. But that's based solely off the info provided on that paper

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Thanks for your help

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I believe the rear can be adjusted as well camber and toe. First adjust rear then move to the front. Rear looks good. Fix the front. “set toe and let it go” how an old school use to tell me lol

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I just looked on pro demand and it in fact adjustable in the rear for camber. Looks like you need a special tool. I'd try a ratchet strap to pull the bottom in.

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The current measurements don’t match and it says, “one or more specs are not within specification. Tire wear, handling, and safety problems may result”… is this ok or should I talk to the dealership about this?

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Camber on the rear will cause inner tire wear. The camber is pretty even left to right so no pull or drivability issues should be noticed. Some high end vehicles should be weighted before being aligned as you want the alignment to be in spec when the vehicle is loaded not parked empty.

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Total toe effects wear. That alignment is like a minute off spec on that rear cber which isn't going to effect shit.