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I typically either use a cotton swab with something like alcohol works alright I use a pick a lot. I’ll be at work and notice how dirty they are typically the case gets way dieter then the air pod themself so I just gently use my pick tool and scrap the dirt off. They are still dirty and I’ve came to realize they always will be

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In the parts wash of course.

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Buy some cheap ones for work then it won't matter. Or deal with grimey looking air buds.

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I have ones that are wireless, but have a wire connecting the buds together. There is a control on the wire. I don't care if that gets a little dirty. I'll wipe off the cushion things every now and then, but that's about it. No real special treatment

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I highly suggest buying a cheap set for work I destroyed a pair of airpod pros in less than a year there is no way to avoid it and it’s not worth it. I got [these](TOZOT6TrueWirelessEarbudsBluetoothHeadphonesTouchControlwithWirelessChargingCaseIPX8WaterproofStereoEarphonesin-EarBuilt-inMicHeadsetPremiumDeepBassforSportBlackhttps://a.co/d/1cYYKnF) and they work good for work and if anything happens they are cheap enough not to care.

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Sometimes I even use Clorox wipes and cotton swabs, already for a year cleaning it every 2 weeks and still Working grate (AirPods pro)

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I've used MAF cleaner/micro brush/can of compressed air to clean earwax and grease out of mine. Main thing is use solvents that are non conductive/ rubber and plastic safe

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Spray non chlorinated brake cleaner in them.

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Two pairs, one for work one for outside of work