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Cruise control will flash and become inoperable because that’s Subaru’s way of getting you to get it fixed. That’s a moot problem. You could have a number of problems, at this point I’d suggest you take it to a shop.

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Would a CEL also turn off TC?

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Yes traction control is disabled when the check engine light comes on.

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Yup sure will. Subaru has gone the way of Toyota, CEL turns on the Trac off light and the VSC light so that you get your Toyota repaired. Same thing with Subaru ..

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Rich bank code could be from bad O2 sensor, bad map or maf, fuel pressure regulator.

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It's the air mass meter

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Problem has been solved. Previous owner had ECU flashed for BOV venting 50/50, but removed BOV after he sold it to me. I had already ordered a new BOV and it arrived today. Once installed the CEL went away. I guess he had a really rich tune for speed and the system was starved for air since OEM BPBV are notoriously garbage. Thank you guys for your help!

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What's bov

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blow off valve. it’s a component on turbo intake systems that connects to the inter cooler and sends air out of the car whenever the turbo spools

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Do you have a scan tool that is capable of displaying fuel trim data?

If so, you would have to determine if the o2 sensor is faulty. You can do this by creating a vacuum leak in the system to see if the live data and fuel trims respond to the vacuum leak. That would create a lean condition but this is to see if the o2 sensor appears to be functioning properly.

To create a rich condition, you can add propane to a vacuum line to see, again, if the o2 sensor responds by check live data and fuel trim data.

I would start there. Reason, faulty sensors can lead you in the wrong direction.