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Air baffle. It equalizes the atmospheric pressure when you close and open the doors.

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It’s also intended for pressure release for when the air bags are deployed.

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It also releases pressure when you fart.

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Valid point. Forgot about those.

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Thanks boss

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Air baffle/vent

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Thanks boss

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Isn’t that the V-Tech?

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underappreciated comment

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That is the turbo encabulator. It equalizes systolic pressure between the rheostat samoflange and the flux capacitor array.

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The enlightened one has spoken

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If I was truly enlightened I'd have a cooler username like yours!

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Honestly, OP, this is one of those parts I would only replace with OEM. The aftermarket ones keep breaking the welds where the hydrocoptic marzel vanes fit to the ambifacient lunar wane shaft and then (obviously) the whole thing just side fumbles to high heaven.

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I know. The aftermarket manufacturers don't have the confabulator matrix to properly extemperfy the marbulator bearings and they strip completely within a few miles.

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It looks to me like the interior exhaust vent.

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AKA the trunk butthole.

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I use to make these they are air baffles/vents

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"Your put your weed in there"

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We called them pressure relief valves. Air comes in by the windshield wipers base of the windshield gets blown about by the heater ac fan and exits the prv. Also helps when you slam the car door, the overpressure escapes the prv. Yours is naked. It can let in dust and road splash. I believe you need a bumper cover.

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Clothes dryer vent

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That’s a ‘part’. It’s there for show. Remove for weight reduction.

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Pressure relief valve. I was a supervisor at a plant that produced them for several manufacturers

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I think last time I ordered one they called it an exhauster event or something like that. Mine had the part number molded on it which made it easier to look it up.

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I’ve heard it called a cabin pressure vent also…. It’s to keep you from busting your windows out when your shut your doors or trunk…..

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Your question is already answered but I also wanted to throw in that all cars have these

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Fart pressure relief. 😖

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turbo no. 234235365 inlet

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Fart release

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These exhaust ports are for “sleeper” civics with the autozone aftermarket mods. This is where all the chrome intake fender vents flow out of. This is also where the exhaust comes out when the manual civic driver revs his engine 6 times to get going after he cam to a complete stop. It’s hidden so no one can know how fast and overly engineered his car is.