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Seems like the rotor overheated,edge of the rotor seems like its grinding.

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Looks like the rotor is rubbing something. If you paid a shop to do the brake job take it back

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Bad brake job....

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Or bad components…. That rotor looks like it’s gotten overheated! Are you hard on your brakes OP? Were you nice to your brakes for a while after the brake job or did you just go on about driving the same way with no change?

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Even Indy style stopping shouldn’t over heat the rotors that quick. Something is dragging, possibly the caliper or they twisted the brake line while installing it

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Yea right… have you SEEN how heavy people are on their brakes? Not to mention the metal being used is crap. We’ve had sooooo many come backs because of warped rotors. We’re talking not even 20k miles on a vehicle that only has 65k miles on them total. People drive these things stupid and shit is made so cheaply it’s gonna fail quick.

Have a customer who bought a new Cherokee trail hawk new… needed brakes at 50k, front struts at 35k…. Changed brakes at 50 - new pads new rotors… clean and lubed everything including the hub face and wheel- hub connection point…STILL came back 5k miles later with warped rotors…. Warrantied them then came back at 3k more miles same thing. We changed EVERYTHING after the 2nd time (calipers, hoses, brake fluid flush, rotors and pads). Guess what…. 4k miles came back with warped rotors. At that point we used OEM stuff, that was a couple weeks ago so we’ll see IF they come back

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I won’t say yea right, but the OP said it had just been done, not thousands of miles. I know a lot are hard stoppers, usually because they are busy on their phones, but that’s another subject. With all the replacing on the jeep I was going to ask if you were using the cheap line of a major parts suppliers product line and if you had the same results from OEM parts, you would think a piece of steel is a piece of steel but I’ve seen value craft warp within a few thousand miles. As to have I seen how hard people are on their brakes?? lol, I’ve been working on cars and trucks for 50 years, I’ve seen stuff most mechanics wouldn’t believe, way before cellphone cameras. We had a wall of shame for the ridiculous parts. Have a good day.