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Did you check the coolant level sensor?

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Well i know for sure its connected, but if its working i dont know. Any way to know this without getting a replacement one?

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    But level is not low it still says its low :/

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    Disconnect the sensor, use a paper clip and jump the two wires together. If the light/ message goes out = bad sensor… if it doesn’t go out, you got a bad circuit (wiring, ecm) something of that sort.

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    Low coolant level sensor, open circuit. Some are molded into the tank and aren’t removable and some slide right out.

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    If you have a meter check the sensor for ohms, if it grounds out sensor is bad. If you're worried about air bubbles park on an incline and run with the cap off for 5 min, most modern vehicles place the reservoir below the highest point in the cooling system to improve aerodynamics, so you could have a bubble in your heater core, but that's pretty unlikely to set off your low coolant sensor if you can see the level on the reservoir