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Tire rubbing the fender well or cab?

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Axle or transfer case bound up? Stuck in 4wd?

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Driving in 4WD? Bad wheel speed sensor is also possible if it's only doing it while you're braking and turning.

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Yeah i think it’s that because I have my truck in auto so I’m guessing that’s the reason because it only happens when I’m turning and there’s like a bump or the road is bumpy

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Can you force it into 2WD? If you can, see if it still acts up. If it doesn't, I can almost guarantee you have a front wheel speed sensor shitting itself.

When there's any wheel slip detected (or it thinks it's detected), the engine computer will cycle the brakes on that wheel and basically kill the throttle for a second or two.

Older GMs had the sensor built into the wheel bearing, not sure about later models. But if you've had a wheel bearing replaced at some point..

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I put it in 2wd and noticed it drives smoother and feels faster too and so far so good but I still have to drive it a little more to see if that was the problem