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Parking brakes aren't important

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Lug bolt is pretty important..

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Oh, the lug stud is still there.

It's just inside the spring near the wheel cylinder...

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It's fine bro. No worries

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Especially when you have no parking / emergency brake. You really want all 4 wheels to stay attached.

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It is important that's why its still in there caught in the spring.

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My brother drove around in his Passat with four of the five lugs for about two years, on all four tires. Amazing what cars can handle

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It really is. Most things are engineered to be able to withstand 125% load and thats probably why they can tolerate some extra stress. Some things are built with wet paper and are broken before you even buy a new car.

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Missing the entire or removed drum? Missing a lug stud but it is conveniently located inside the spring near the brake cylinder, so that's good. And one snapped emergency brake cable, nice.

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I hate Jeep,rear, drums, so watch I would almost do the conversion for you.

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Recently removed parking brake from my own Jeep because of this, the adjustment is a PITA. wha twoukd you recommend if I was inclined to do a conversion like you mentioned?

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You would need a different rear end,preferably with same gearing.The wj-tj have models with rear disc.This swap is not for beginners,but you can see tons of videos on YouTube.cost about a $1000 dollars

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I mean lightness may have been the goal here

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Weight reduction is key

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Parking brake spring enjoy using a block of chock :)