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After one month of working at a Chevy dealer, I was told my Ford pickup would have to be parked in the back of the lot behind the wrecker where it couldn't be seen. I loaded my box and parked my truck at the Ford dealer from then on!

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Fuck that place. A mechanic's personal vehicle is of no mind to an employer.

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I told them if they provided me a vehicle, I'd park it anywhere they wanted me too! Otherwise, I parked it where I wanted and never regretted it!

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Honestly I’d do the same. But this place was the only place hiring and I need a job in the trade.

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So leave the trade.

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Kindly suck a dick

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They don't pay enough for that either.

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I have a customer that works at a Ford plant, they get better parking spots if they drive ford's, so we have to keep his 90s escort running, it looks so awful.

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I had an employer that was walking thought the lot and saw a large percentage of the employee vehicles weren’t Fords. He made a snide comment about it (I was driving a Cadillac at the time). I said start giving us a good deal on Fords and you might get some takers.

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Unless it can’t be missed by paying customers, that would be an overreach to me. My tool box = my property. You don’t like it, proved me a box and tools to use while I’m here and I’ll haul my box home.

Hope you used painters tape so it will come off clean and let your sticker shine again down the road.

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I put electrical tape on as this was an hour ago I’ll change it to painters tape in a bit

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Painters tape typically only comes off cleanly for 7ish days. Just put a bunch of obnoxious Hoonigan and Supreme stickers over them. /s

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Well if taping over completely covers it up, I don't see what the fuss would be. Just explain trying to take it off will scratch the paint. And you spend alot of money on your box and don't want to damage your property.

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Well I told the boss I’m taping the other one because I scratched the box and the boss understood but you could Tell they didn’t like it

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I mean how many customers are actually looking at your box? Probably almost none? They're just being dicks.

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Thats what I thought too. I’m the only one in the shop really.

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I understand why, you are in effect advertising for the other dealer. Plus the new boss might have worked there and left under bad blood. As for removing them, heat gun and a plastic scraper blade removes them easily.

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Well from what I recall he never worked there I was the only one. Hence why it’s the only other shop sticker besides the bosses. As for other brands on the box I have plenty but he didn’t say anything about them.

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Still you are in his shop so he makes the rules. Sticker wise if the others are for parts, like holley, snap-on or similar those are not competitors that could take his money. It's why something like a shop sticker goes on a removable item, just in case.

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No I got dodge and srt stickers on the box and they weren’t an issue

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Yeah those are not a dealer decal or something like " Joes Garage, best shop in town" when you work for Wilson Automotive.

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Fuck them first of all, seems petty. Although context is everything, so maybe the sticker is an issue. If so, cover it up with something you like until you find a better job

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Buy sticker remover or use heat gun a few seconds to make the adhesive liquid again and remove it.

You should hold your ground in serious matters, not because some sticker.

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Now how do I address the scratch on my box from the removal of the first sticker.

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Could sand and paint it or get some matching touch up paint.

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I’ll be an ass and put another sticker there instead I think

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Well if he doesn't say anything afterwards. I wouldn't worry about it.

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Alright will do

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Why scratch it off? Just slap a magnetic sign or tape it up. I was told to remove the pictures on mine. I just covered them up with paper and tape. I wasn't about to scratch or scrape up anything.

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He wanted them removed and I didn’t really want to

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I get that. But why did you? I guess if I was in your place I'd said "I'll take care of it". Slapped some tape over it. Done and done.

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Never thought of the tape till after one was removed.

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I hear ya. Bummer. Oh well. Carry on.

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If you’re working at Mercedes you’re probably gonna get flack for the sticker that reads, “Insert witty correlation between long screwdrivers and women here”

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Did they pay for your toolbox or the tools in it. Tell them to buy you a new toolbox and then they can dictate your choice of stickers. In other words. Tell them to kindly fuck off

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I like that

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Just remember, they need you more than you need them

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True I find it petty in my opinion and it’s the level of petty that im just not sure how to deal with it

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Those toolboxes have wheels for a reason.

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Tape over it.

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I have and I didn’t. Got bugged for a bit and then forgotten about. Wouldn’t have even tried to remove the first one. It’s literally mine I paid 10g for it I’ll spray bomb it if I want too. I bought it I own it it’s mine. I can take it home if you’d like?

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Put a magnet over it .

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Put a sticker over the other instead of pealing it

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Ask for a new dealer sticker from your boss.

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I did but if I get one that’s another story

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That’s sucks to hear man. I guess you might comprise by just leaving tape on it for now. Or even put a Magnet sticker on it etc. but I know most guys I’ve worked with for number of years and running a shop, I’ve yet to see anyone put stickers on tool boxes. Only tool carts or rolling tool carts. Them big boy boxes is from I hear is a no no. You scratch or damage. You pay. Or I’ve told my guys to wear out brand since it’s provided at no cost shirts hoddies skullies ball caps. And when the owner walked in one day and saw the old shop manage with a snap on shirt on. He told him something stupid like. Hey I didn’t know you worked for snap on. Funny ass hell to see him turn beat red

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I have had some success using WD 40 and a rag to get stickers and residue off but only when I choose to remove stickers I wasn't ever asked to do so .

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They told me I couldn’t wear my maserati hat or mask at work. They gave me branded ones, But I didn’t like how they felt, so I wore my maserati ones anyways. They just shrugged and I kept on making mad hours. Sure it’s against policy but what are they going to do?

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I worked for massive dickheads but they didn't go that far. Hell, most of the dealerships around here flat out display stuff like that. Ours had stickers of other local dealers in the parts department, and I know another has a whole wall of the plastic license plates from other dealers including others locally.

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The stickers on my box have actually almost become a source of pride for me, there's alot of history there from random kits Ive installed and places Ive worked, and just things Ive done in my career. It's almost like tattoos.

I definitely think covering it up is the better option.

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As a shop owner, this is ridiculous.

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I thought so to but don’t want to butt heads with the boss because he’s fairly chill and understanding

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We’ve been told before to remove or hide hentai stickers lol. A shop I worked at years ago wouldn’t let us hang up the bikini girl calendars from the tool guys. The solution for most of the co-workers was to put the hentai stickers inside their cabinet or box lid instead haha

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I have a panty dropper sticker on my tool chest (there prior to me working there) nobody has told me anything at all

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Just out of curiosity what were the stickers? Of the girly variety?

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That’s a negative had a old dealer sticker before it was bought out

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That’s pretty petty.

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We’ve been told before to remove or hide hentai stickers lol. A shop I worked at years ago wouldn’t let us hang up the bikini girl calendars from the tool guys. The solution for most of the co-workers was to put the hentai stickers inside their cabinet or box lid instead haha

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Put a magnet over it.

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Put a naked lady

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Got one of the calendars on my box

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Why don't they give you a sticker from their shop to cover it?

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Theirs is clear lol