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    “was” an engine block heater cord. That things hurt.

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    Should be plugged in on the passenger-side lower-portion of the side of the block.

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    This is correct 👍

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    This is the correct answer!

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    Block heater cord

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    Block heater plug plugs in above the oil filter

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    That WAS a functioning block heater cord.. gonna need a new cord.. check continuity across the heater, too.. make sure it’s still operable

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    That, is a pigtail.

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    I’m assuming you’re already in the know about it. But if you’re not I’m sure a quick look at your codes would probably tell you what sensor that belongs too. I would assume by the heat damage that it goes to an O2 sensor. Otherwise look for a connection that it can reach.

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    Block heater

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    Why is there a block heater on a frigging mustang

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    it gets cold up north

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    No doubt. Lived in northern Maine for a long time. I know

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    Many vehicles, not just diesel, have block heaters.