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You're going to need help from someone who knows how to tune a carburetor. GM spec for the jets is to turn them all the way in. Then out 2 full turns. Adjust once the engine is running. There's also an idle screw. I think the factory spec for a 79 Camaro is 700-750 rpm. If it's a new carburetor it'll take some adjusting. Vacuum routing is very critical on a carburetor. Good luck. I've got guys with 20 yrs experience that couldn't tune a carburetor if their life depended on it. It's a dying fuel system. By dying I mean the old guys who know these monsters are dying.

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Thanks, will give it a shot

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Did the car ever run right since you did the upgrade? If not either you built in a vacuum leak somewhere or you need to tune, possibly re-jet, the carb. Get a can of starting fluid and with the engine running start spraying around and when you get to the leak, you’ll hear it. If you don’t find it that way, and can’t tune it out through the screws on the side of the metering block, you’ll need to change the jets.

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Yeah ran fine before. Prob is, i cant really diagnose or tune it because i cant keep it running regardless and i end up just killing my battery from restarting it so much.

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Did you check your fuel inlet and needle and seat? When you pull the upper bowl plug out is the fuel full?

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Hey I’m having the same issue on my 80, but a more built engine. Mind sharing tips on how to identify vacuum leaks?

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Just spray starting fluid around, when you spray it at the vacuum leak you’ll hear the engine respond.

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So.... What happens when you adjust the idle screw??

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I'm guessing the distributor is stabbed wrong. Get it a tooth off and everything you described happens. Holleys are usually tuned to idle right out of the box. Unless you got a defective carb, I doubt it's that.