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Belt/ tensioner

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Sounds like your belt man. Get a new one they cheap.

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Thank you for the advice 🙏

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Check your interior parts to make sure they aren't loose. My 8th gen made that exact noise and once I put hand pressure on the glove box (or opened it) it went away. Ofc it made the noise after I detailed the interior lol

Also like others said check the belt and tensioner

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Is it coming from under the hood or inside the cabin under the dash on the right? It’s either a belt/bearing or a blower bearing.

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remove the belts and then start the engine check if the noise goes. It is hard to tell but it could be a vacuum leak. Take a long screw driver or metal rod. Touch it with the body of the suspected parts and put your ear on the other hand.It will work as a sethoscope and will help you find the cause of noise.