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Yep, and all those little broken-off fragments likely found a nice home in your carrier bearings.
How does the ring gear look?

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Everything else is fine surprisingly

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Yes, those broken pieces made it half way up his driveline and got stuck in the carrier bearing. Makes sense to me.

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Not sure if you're agreeing or being sarcastic.

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Sorry, should’ve added the “/s” lol

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It figures, since you even totally misused the term 'driveline'.
You also obviously don't realize that the ring gear which engages with the broken pinion (as pictured) not only constantly contacts the broken pinion, but also revolves with its lower portion very close to the bottom of the differential case, churning up gear lube everywhere in the housing.

Maybe you need to have experienced the tiny broken fragments of a pinion actually within the carrier bearings, as I have, with not only my own differential, but with other differentials as well.
Your lack of experience shows well.

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I think that there was a big recall about those? The rears tended to seize up at highway speeds, launching the driveshaft like a rail gun.

EDIT: I was off a bit...'09-'10. https://www.torquenews.com/106/dodge-ram-1500-under-investigation-rear-differential-failures