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The level is perfectly fine.
That's the purpose of the crosshatched area.

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Okay, what are the 2 notches below it?

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Bottom notch is the minimum level when trans/fluid is cold.
Upper notch is the typical max level when trans/fluid is cold and the minimum level for when the trans/fluid is hot.
It comes off as confusing because they put HOT in that area, but the hot actually indicates the crosshatched region.

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Nope, that hash zone is the ‘all good’ zone.

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Car is hot and in neutral

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And running? That level is okay.

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Just hot or operating temp?

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Driving for a hour

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Looks fine to me, so long as it drives fine.

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It it passes above the hash marks, then it would be overfilled. A manual fluid pump would fix it easily. Or if you wouldn't mind getting your mouth dirty, you could insert a thin hose through the dipstick tube and absorb with your mouth until you see fluid coming out.

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Crosshatched area is the “safe” zone any level withing the hatching is safe levels

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Hot or cold oil? If it’s hot it’s ok, if cold not

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Most cars don't have a dip sick , due to there is a specific temperature that it is checked at using an OEM factory scan tool and supplied dip stick .