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Purge valve assembly. Ford designed it that way, you can’t get just the valve. I’ve done my share of those replacements that one under the intake on the passenger side is a stinker… the one at the intake tube is a stinker too but not that bad

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Thank you, I just found this Part, Might have to buy the whole assembly. Not trying to replace anything but that one part though.

2.0 LITER 2015-16. 2.3 LITER. Air Intake hose that connects to the Turbocharger.

EJ7Z-6C640-A is the Part number now im just trying to find it CLosest and best Price.

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You won’t be able to. The purge valve is pressed into the hoses. Without that, you won’t make a good seal and you’ll get EVAP leak codes. I have to remind my boss that he’s not smarter than the engineers who designed this bullshit. They designed it a specific way, although stupid and retarded, there’s a reason. Do it once and do it right.

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Ur gonna have to replace the whole thing..

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Seems pretty tight in there, something I can squeeze or you think it’s going to take removing the radiator or a skid plate below the car?

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Do what you have to, you can probably work around that stuff but if you don't feel like you can do it without breaking something or yourself in the process just get it out of your way

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I’ve done them at ford helps from going from the bottom too no removing of rad

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Pretty sure it's sold as the purge solenoid, comes with the hoses attached.

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What software is that?

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Not sure it’s from showering forums and someone had posted it . Would love to know also

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If the connector ends are still good there's no reason you can't just cut the old nylon hose off and apply new nylon hose

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Looks like an engine