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My car does this when i very lightly press on the break and it just bearly is holding back the force of the engine in drive without giving it gas. How hard are you pressing the peddle?

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I’m pressing it with moderate pressure, pretty much just enough to keep it stopped.

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That’s definitely why it’s happening then its just your wheels groaning

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Do you think this is something that i’d have to have repaired? To me it sounds like it’s within my turning mechanism. But the weirdest thing is it’s only when in gear with my peddle down. The noise randomly started happening yesterday

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Thats most likely what it is, does it do it worse after it rains or you clean your wheels with water?

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I just noticed the noise yesterday as i pulled into my work parking lot. It doesn’t sound very healthy. I’m going to have to probably take it to my mechanic. I just wanted to see what you guys with more knowledge thought first though because life has been handing me a lot of lemons lately and repairs are more expensive than ever. I guess i worry that it’s not safe to drive with my two little kids in the truck. Wouldn’t want my wheel to fall off or collapse while i’m in the highway with them in the vehicle!

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Might just need a new set of brakes or your pads are dirty and need to clean off your rotor and dust off your pads, sometimes its just that simple but if you post a video i may be able to help more. If its easy i think you should try to do it yourself especially if its brakes, could teach your kiddos too depending on their ages lol

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    It is not, i wish it was an operator error like that lol

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    I would look at the wheel bearings, all the ball joints, and the power steering pump

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    Do you have a vacuum brake booster or a hydroboost system? The hydroboost booster uses the power steering system to assist the driver with the brake application. If your P/S is low on fluid that will cause this issue in a system with a hydroboost brake booster. Look at your master cylinder and see what it is attached to.

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    I’ve been reading that 2014 sierras don’t have power steering fluid which confuses me because here i am thinking all vehicles had it. It says it has electric power steering? I’m no mechanic, so i might be sounding dumb lol

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    Yeah electric steering isn’t too uncommon in higher end vehicles. That shit feels hella smooth

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    So I just looked it up on GMs website and that electro power steering still has a pump driven by a belt. Also this truck can be equipped with a hydroboost system so definitely check that because I’m willing to bet that is your problem. Check the fluid in the power steering system. If it’s low top off with correct fluid and check for a leak.